Friday, April 29, 2016

Were you offered admission?

Please use this post to ask questions if you have been offered admission.

Congratulations! As I said in my previous post, you will receive an offer letter (in a thin-ish envelope) in the snail mail.  We never promise admission to a particular major.  You have been admitted to the school to which you’ve applied. Major declaration and planning will occur at orientation and over the summer. For those of you who applied to the Curry Teaching program, you’ll find out whether you’ve been admitted to the Master’s program in your letter. For those of you who applied to Architecture or McIntire, watch out for information on required summer courses (in your offer letter).

Your $400 admissions deposit can be paid online.  This goes towards your first semester’s tuition. Below your online “letter,” you should see buttons to accept or decline our offer of admission.  Clicking “YES” will not completely secure your spot in the class.  You will need to pay your $400 deposit to set it in stone.  You can pay with a credit card (we do not accept VISA) or with an e-check.  As specified in the letter, you will have until May 15th to put down a deposit.

Financial aid information will start to go out next week, if your financial aid has been reviewed.
You should keep an eye on your to-do list in the event that Student Financial Services needs more information from you. 

We do not have open houses for admitted transfer students. You are welcome to visit and look around, but keep in mind that our students and faculty are in the midst of final exams.

As far as the next steps go, 72 hours after you deposit, you should be able to take U.Va.’s responsible computing quiz, officially set up your email account and register for orientation. Housing and dining information will take a couple of weeks to come.   It is so important to keep an eye on both your old and new email addresses.  EVERYTHING happens on email.  Don’t miss important deadlines by ignoring these accounts. Your academic credit will not be evaluated until you pay your deposit and send in your final transcript. This evaluation is ongoing until summer orientation.   If you’re curious about what might transfer, check out our transfer credit analyzer

If you decide not to come to UVa, please be sure to decline the offer using the other button-- the "NO" button. We and our wait listed students would really appreciate you taking the time to do this.
Lastly, keep up the good work.  We’ve admitted because you have shown us you can perform well in college-level coursework. You’ve come this far.  Let’s keep it up!   Feel free to come back to the blog for moral support during that last final exam or paper.


Zct0018 said...

Transfermer thank you so much for all your help! This blog has been such a great tool over the past year. Im so excited to attend UVA next year! Truly amazed

Unknown said...

Accepted! Is it possible to take classes at UVA this summer if I was offered admission for Fall 2016? If not, would taking the class at my current university transfer the credit over if the class was needed for my major in the E school?

Unknown said...

This is a similar question to Chloe's. Would it be acceptable for me to take classes over the summer at my community college? They wouldn't be included in my final transcript, but I could send a follow up transcript when I'm finished with both sessions of summer courses in early August. I just want to get the Spanish requirement over with before coming to UVA. Thanks for the help over this entire process!

uvabound22 said...

How can I sign up for classes? I noticed that some of the classes I wanted to sign up for are already filled or are filling up fast. When is the earliest I can do this?

Nebula-win said...

Is it possible that l can go to the office and talk about the classes for fall semester before the orientation individually during the mid May? Thank you~

uva19 said...

If I took three years of a language in high school, can I still take a subject test this June in order to fulfill the foreign language requirement?

uva37 said...
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Eric said...

Hello, first of all thank you so much for your time and dedication in reviewing our applications. I've been accepted for the fall semester and I couldn't be more excited to come to UVA. It seems like many classes are filling up rather quickly, I was wondering if I should wait until orientation to enroll in classes or enroll now. Thank you again!

Unknown said...

Hi, I was recently accepted to the College of Arts and Sciences. I was wondering if when we transferred our GPA's would also transfer? I know that our credits will transfer, for the most part, but I've heard that a lot of schools erase a student's GPA once they transfer so I am curious. Also, thank you for all the blog posts this year!

Transfermer said...

Yes, you can take courses here this summer. In fact, we highly encourage you to do so. It lets you get your UVa feet wet, shows you the expectations of our professors and TAs and it lets you get a lay of the land before all of the students come back in August. Chloe, send us an email ( if this interests you. We need to tweak something in the system to allow you to do this.

You can take courses at your CC. Yes, you’ll need to send a new transcript straight to your school in mid-August. We’ll (Office of Admission) take your initial transcript at the end of the spring semester.

Uvabound22 and Eric,
Classes are not available until orientation. Yes, some courses may be filling up and signing up for classes can be a little bumpy in your first semester here, but you’ll always get what you need to graduate on time.

No, your registrars and deans would prefer that you wait until orientation. Before then, I encourage you to become familiar with what’s offered in the fall and what your major requires.

Yes, but you need to take it with the listening component and you need to earn the appropriate score for the exemption -

I wouldn’t call it erasing your GPA. That’s the GPA for your previous institution. When you get here, yes, you will have a new GPA. When you apply for jobs or for graduate school, you’ll need to provide both transcripts.

uvabound22 said...

If we take the Spanish online UVa placement test and we score above a 536, does that mean we don't need to take any more language classes to graduate?

Unknown said...

First off, congrats to all of you Hoo will be joining us in the fall! I hope to see you here on grounds soon! :)
As a previous transfer student, just know that taking classes at UVA will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life.

I'm not sure of what I am allowed to do as this is your blog, but I have an on-grounds housing lease for incoming male students that would like to live on grounds. I'm going to avoid advertising it until I know I am allowed, but I would really appreciate if you could show potential transfers the housing takeover options on the off grounds housing website! It would really help out a previous transfer!


Unknown said...

Just a follow up question. I've taken Spanish 101 and 102 during my first year of college, and I plan on taking 201 and 202 during summer sessions. I read that during the summer orientation they require a language placement exam. Would I be exempt since I would be on track to completing the Spanish requirement by taking 4 semesters (14 credits) of Spanish before coming to UVA? THANKS AGAIN

Nebula-win said...

Thank you very much, Just one more quick follow up question, because l may need to leave the country during June and July which makes it impossible for me to go to the orientation. What can l do to make that up or anything l can do to catch up?

Tyler said...

How do transfer students sign up for summer classes? I tried to using SIS, but it didn't work. I contacted the undergraduate admissions office yesterday, but haven't heard back.

uva37 said...

As the semester comes an end I am afraid that I will receive a C or a D in one of my classes, but have A's and B's in all of my other classes. What are the chances that my acceptance will be rescind? I did not apply under the GAA so I would not be violating the agreement. Thanks.

Transfermer said...

Yes, that will most likely be the case, but you'll learn more about this from your advisors at orientation.

Thanks for checking in Trey,
We would prefer it if you advertised on the transfer facebook groups.

Rebecca N,
This is a better question for the Office of Orientation.

Again, you’ll need to speak with Orientation about this.

First, you’ll need to write to us in admission – We need to make a small change in SIS that would allow you to register for courses as a new student. Then you should be able to register. I’m sorry you hadn’t heard from anyone, but I hope you have by now.

One C will not hurt. The D may be another issue. I can’t “chance” you on the odds of having your offer rescinded. Everyone’s situations are different. When we get your transcript, if we are concerned or alarmed, we’ll reach out to you over email. The D won’t give you credit, so unfortunately, this is serious whether or not you’ve been admitted guaranteed or under competitive admission. Best of luck with the final exam!

Megan said...

How do we sign up for orientation? Also, I was planning on taking a summer class but how do I sign up? On my SIS it says "Your Shopping Cart for the 2016 Fall Regular Academic Session session is available for use beginning May 6, 2016." Does that mean I need to pick my classes now? I'm not sure what classes I should be taking and I haven't been assigned an advisor to speak to about my schedule and courses so I am beginning to freak out a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm a nontraditional student who was accepted for the fall. I've paid the deposit, signed up for orientation and am looking forward to being a student at the university. However, now that I've been accepted (totally unexpected!) I'm having doubts as to how I am going to make this work. And from what I've gathered I either do not qualify for part-time status as a student or part-time student at UVA doesn't exist. I've read conflicting things online.

A few concerns are that I work full-time and that I'll be commuting 30-40 minutes to get to class. I don't expect you to quell my doubts on this forum but do you know of any resources I could use to help me work through said issues and see if attending is a viable option for me? Lastly, this blog has been so helpful during the time leading up to decisions. Thank you.

uva19 said...

I have to take physics 2010 next semester, but all the labs (2030) are full. Are there any spots saved for incoming transfers who may need this credit? Or should I just take the class over the summer instead?

Transfermer said...

For better or worse, these things take time. About 3-5 business days after you deposit, you will get information on setting up your official student account and registering for orientation. You'll need to check with your individual school regarding timelines for signing up for classes. We are still finishing up the spring semester here, so no one has an advisor, not first-years, nor transfers. You'll get one at orientation. You could take a look at the transfer course requirements on our website- to see what you might want to take. Many transfers are surprised by our want to foreign language(if you're in the College of Arts and Sciences). This is something you could take this summer.
If you want to sign up for a summer course at UVa, please email us at We will need to make a change in SIS which will allow you to do this.

Thanks for bringing this up for other readers. Part-time status is rarely available to UVa students. You are expected to take 4-5 classes a semester. You'll want to be in touch with your specific school about this. If you've been admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences, you can reach out to Dean Frank Papovich's office.

We do reserve space in a variety of courses for new transfers, releasing that space during orientation. This doesn't always meet the demand, but there will be a lot of movement in late summer and as we move through orientation. We advise students to wait and watch the enrollment numbers. Typically by the end of August, space does open in almost all “required” courses.

Anonymous said...

I am transferring as a third year student. If I've taken and passed Latin through the 202 level do I need to take the foreign language placement test? Thanks!

Nebula-win said...

When will the new transfers be able to enroll in the classes for fall semester? And do transfer have to attend the orientation and do the advising before enrolling in the classes? Thank you.

David N. said...
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Hope4UVA said...

I have applied for housing via the housing portal and I am wondering when we will find out about our assignment and who our roommate is.

Transfermer said...

It's not likely, but you'll get confirmation of this from the College of Arts and Sciences.

This is not our area, but we've heard that some transfers can register for courses before orientation - usually students in the Engineering school or Commerce school can do this because their orientation does occur until late August.

I think Housing is working hard to get this done in June. Again, it's not our area, so you'll have to check their website. Oh, we found some FAQs here -

uva19 said...

When will we find out what credits transferred?