Friday, June 24, 2011

The Transfer Class is Complete

We made our final transfer offers yesterday and with that, the fall process for transfer is complete. I know it has been a long wait. On the bright side, we finished up three weeks earlier than we did last year. Imagine that wait.

Today, we will email all students remaining on the wait list. In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we will not be mailing letters.

I know this may be disappointing news, but hopefully it takes you out of limbo and will allow for clarity going forward. Like I said in a post a couple of weeks ago, soon we'll start looking towards the spring 2012 process.

Thank you for asking great questions, cheering each other on and generally being cool as cucumbers. Believe me when I tell you that those characteristics made it very easy to communicate with you over the course of the year.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wait List Update #3

We released a few more decisions this afternoon. Some for the College of Arts and Sciences and a few for nursing. At this point, all wait lists are still open, but we are coming towards the end of the wait. Again, I'll let you know when all lists are officially closed.
Later this summer, we'll start the conversation about spring transfer. The (new)October 1 deadline is less than four months away.
P.S. Thank you for your genuine and positive comments these last few weeks. You guys are great.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wait List Update #2

Adam beat me to it. The time has come. We are making offers from the wait list today. These students will be emailed. We've offered to about 50 students. Most are Virginians because we were lacking in that area. Some from Commerce, but most have come from the College of Arts and Sciences. This is our first "wave" with the wait list. We may offer to more, we may not offer to more. But, I will announce it here when everything is closed. This will likely be at the end of the month, but only time will tell. I'll update when I have more information.