Thursday, August 26, 2021

A Reminder on Foreign Language Requirements

 Hello everyone,

I hope your semesters are off to a great start! If you're new to the transfer application cycle, we'll be running through tips and notes this fall semester as we prepare for our spring enrollment application (due October 1st) and to a larger degree, next fall's (due March 1st).

If you're not new to this process or blog (or our info sessions), you've probably heard us say over and over "pay attention to the course requirements!" because of how critical those are to our transfer application review. Those can be found here:

Every year, plenty of students are surprised to learn that they need to take through the 202 level of foreign language to complete the courses needed for the College of Arts and Sciences (or McIntire School of Commerce). Even if you're interested in majoring in Biology, or the Computer Science BA, or Economics, etc...if you're applying as a third-year transfer, you'll want to have that foreign language requirement completed. If you're a VCCS student applying via the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, you must have your foreign language completed to fulfill that contract to the College.

If you're applying as a second year applicant, there's no expectation to have all of the requirements completed, but taking a semester or two of foreign language will greatly help your application regardless. If you're applying as a third year applicant and cannot finish the 202 level - let me definitively say: having taken one or two semesters of language is far better for your application than having taken none. So, plan your future semesters accordingly!