Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting List Update

Thanks all for being patient. Our staff has been traveling for work and letting the numbers come in and settle. We likely won't move to the waitlist until the end of the month.

Here comes the hard part. Our yield was almost spot on for Commerce, Nursing, and Engineering. This means we won't be making many offers for these schools.

We will be making a good number of offers for the College of Arts and Sciences. The reason for this is that it's our largest school and even though the majority of applicants apply here, the process just allows us room to budge. Remember that the list is not ranked. We will just go in and review these students again from now until probably middle and late June.

Like I said in the past, close to 400 students have elected to stay on the wait list. We will make offers to about 40-50 students, the majority of them coming from the College of Arts and Sciences.

If you are on the waitlist, please, please mail your official final grades when they become available. If you are reading this and you were not offered admission or the waitlist, there is no need to send grades.

I will give you updates when I have new information. Thanks again for being so patient.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello Readers,

Now that the dust has settled a bit, I am going to attempt to answer your general questions from the last five days or so. I encourage you do research on the school’s various websites and these will give you answers to more personal questions. Some questions were answered by fellow bloggers. I think giving this post some type of structure will be most helpful to you.


If you have a question about your decision, you may call our office. Please know that we do not have an appeals process, but if you would like to know more, it might help you understand the process. It’s just that under no circumstances do we change decisions. The bottom line is that you must remember that this is not a reflection of the person that you are. This is a review of your academic and educational profile, not you in a personal sense.

Wait list

Per usual, most of our phone calls come from waitlisted students.

-You want to know what’s next and how to improve your chances of getting in off the wait list. As I said before, you want to click the button to remain on the list. After you click it once, it should work. The reason why it stays there is in the event that turn down the offer of the waitlist.

-Please send us your final semester grades. If they won’t be released until late in this process, send us your quarter grades or mid-semester grades. You may also send us a continued letter/email of interest written by you, and lastly, you may send an additional letter of recommendation.

-We won’t know how many students we’ll be able to take off the wait list until the deposits are in around May 15th. I will announce it here when we move to the wait list.

-The wait list is not ranked.

-You likely will not hear from us before you have to deposit elsewhere. Please make sure you have somewhere to go by putting down that deposit.


The deposit is due by midnight on May 15. Please disable your pop-up blockers. This should help. The moment you deposit, you will be asked to submit your Final Transcript. If you don’t submit this, your courses won’t be evaluated by your school by the time orientation rolls around, or worse yet, you won’t be able to attend courses in the Fall. There is no one rule about the grades we expect to see after the spring semester, but we would hope that your strong grades would continue this semester. If you receive weak grades, please write to us and let us know. It's better for you to take the initiative in this situation.

You should already have your SIS ID number. It will take 48-72 hours for the deposit to go through the system.

Financial Aid Awards

Student Financial Services started posting preliminary awards yesterday. They will continue to work on these as files become complete. Again, please keep checking your to-do list to see if they need additional paperwork. They tend to ask for a lot, but it's all to get an accurate picture of what we can give you and what you owe.


You'll find some general stats in the post below this one.

I believe McIntire was slightly less competitive because we had fewer applications, but the admit rate was still 17%.

We do not have Days on the Lawn or Admitted Students Days for transfers. You are welcome to visit keeping in mind that it is time for final exam and the University will be abuzz with studious studiers.


There are many options for transfer who want to live on-grounds. For more information see the Housing Division’s website here: For those who pay the deposit, you'll soon get an email from the Dean of Students about our specific transfer housing community.

Evaluating Credits

Once you deposit, we'll wait for your final transcript. Transcripts are evaluated by the individual schools. The information will be released in late May, but mostly June. In order to get an idea of what would transfer, please check out the transfer credit analyzer found here.


Orientation has a great website with lots and lots of helpful information.

Course Registration

Course registration doesn't technically occur until summer orientation. The schools need time to evaluation your transcripts. Transfers go through this every year. First-year and transfer orientation happens concurrently. It can be slightly bumpy getting into courses during your first semester of transfer, but if you declare a major at orientation/you're an incoming 3rd year, you'll have pull as far as getting in off of waiting lists goes. If you don't get into it the first time around(I'm looking at you 2nd years), the great thing about UVA, is that it will probably be offered again at another time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking Stock

Hello everyone,

I will attempt to answer important questions today and tomorrow. With over 100 comments and normal work that we have to do, this will take some time.

A couple of notes: Please do not email or call the schools or Deans of schools to ask about your application. We handle application questions here in admissions. If there's something we can't answer, we'll check it out for you. If you are not contacting an admissions dean, you are not contacting the right party.

If you have been admitted, please check your SIS To-Do List to make sure all financial aid documents are submitted. It's REALLY important that you get these in ASAP.

All told, this is still a selective process. We are looking to see if you've been successful where you are and if you'll do well here at UVA, be it academically or as a contributor to the community. Of the 2300 that applied, about 400 students are on the wait list. About 31% of all applicants were admitted - that's 36% of Virginians and 24% of non-Virginians.

Stay tuned for answers to the comments posted over the weekend...