Tuesday, February 16, 2021

McIntire School of Commerce Webinar

Hello Everyone,

Our Commerce School is hosting a Zoom webinar for interested transfers on Thursday - this is a wonderful opportunity to talk to their staff! You can find the registration info below:

The Common application deadline of March 1 for fall admission is fast approaching. As we approach the Common Application deadline, we hope that you consider joining us this Thursday (2/18) from 7-8pm for a free 1-hour webinar covering McIntire School of Commerce Application Tips and Financial Aid Overview. 

Register here for the McIntire School of Commerce Application Tips and Financial Aid Overview Webinar:


Come and engage with the Undergraduate Admissions team as we cover meaningful application tips and financial aid resources while we answer your questions live!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Send your transcripts now!


Send Your Transcripts Now

Just as a reminder, if you're intending to apply by the March 1st deadline, have your transcript requests processed soon!

All too often, applicants do not mobilize quickly enough, or do not think about the need to send transcripts until March 1.  That's typically too late. Think about it this way.  If you wanted to mail a birthday card or an anniversary card to someone, you wouldn't wait until the day of the occasion to send the card, would you?  March 1 is the postmark deadline, but you can help us to complete your applications as efficiently as possible by planning ahead.  Request those transcripts now (this can take 7-14 days at some schools) and we'll match up your application to your transcripts after submission.

UPDATE: We will accept these via mail (see our address over there to the right -->)  or electronically ( undergradadmission@virginia.edu) , so long as they come directly from your school.  Sometimes, these e-transcript services have email addresses pre-selected for them, but they should still end up here.