Monday, May 14, 2012

Transfer Deposit and Wait List Reminders

I thought I'd kindly remind the admitted students that the deadline to deposit is tomorrow evening at 11:59pm EDT.  If you have decided to turn down your offer of admission, please let us know on your SIS account.

I also wanted to remind the wait listed students that if you want to be considered for the wait list, you must click the button that tells us you want to remain on the wait list.

I will tell you when we'll begin moving to the wait list.  This likely won't start up until early June, but we are not bound to any particular date.  Plus, we are awaiting the arrival of your spring 2012 grades.   Again, I will announce it here when the process begins.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Information for the Admitted Students

Hopefully by now, everyone has been able to check their decisions.  About 30% of transfer applicants were admitted.  It is without a doubt, still a competitive process.  The smallest percentage was 14% for the Curry Kinesiology and Speech Pathology programs.  The largest percentage was 34% for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

If you have decided to attend UVA, submitting your deposit is the first step.  Sending your final transcript is the second step.  After that, it’s out of the admission office’s hands.  Slowly, but surely, you’ll start to receive information from student financial services, orientation, housing, dining, the dean of students, your schools and perhaps other sources. 

You will sign up for courses and see an advisor at orientation - transfer orientation dates begin July 19, and the dates are listed here -

Many McIntire and Architecture (some Education) admits will find inserts/enclosures in their letters.  These will give you detailed steps on becoming a part of these schools. For instance, you may be asked to take summer courses.

You can see how some of your courses will transfer by taking a look at the transfer credit analyzer -  Credit will evaluated in preparation for summer orientation.

More on the Wait List

Once again, if you want to be considered again, be sure to click the button on your self-service page that will allow you to "Remain on the Wait list."

In order to show continued interest in UVA, you may email or mail us a letter that expresses your continued interest.  You can also send a recommendation, but this is not at all required.  What is most important is that you send us a transcript containing your spring grades if you are in school this semester. 

Just over 500 students were placed on the wait list.  2350 students applied and  around 700 were admitted.   I’m not going to give individual statistics for each and every program, but know that most of these students come from the College of Arts and Sciences because that’s where we get most of our applications and where we have the most spaces.   We normally build in space to take students from the wait list across all schools, but in the event that the classes become full, we won’t go to the wait list.  This happened with Engineering last year.  We have tried to prevent that from happening this year, but you just never know.  I love it when we can offer to students on the wait list, so I really hope we can do it.   

We will begin to look at the wait list in late May and as I said we usually don't "close" it until mid-late June.  The reason for this is that your grades are rarely available before the middle of May and we have to see how many admitted students deposit.