Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's Talk about Bad Grades

*This is for students who have been admitted*

 Unfortunately, things happen and you might find yourself in a position where your grades dropped last semester.  It’s a tough thing to admit, but you will do yourself a favor if you tell us first (send your transcript at the same time) and not leave it for us to find when we see your transcript. Email us at  We may require or recommend that you visit our office to meet with us, repeat the course in the summer, or see a special advisor when you get here in the fall.  There are some extreme cases where we will rescind admission.  The point is, write us and let us know what happened and we’ll go from there.  Whatever action is taken is what we think is the best for you and your future success.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hoping for Financial Aid? Keep Checking those To-Do Lists!

I noticed that Student Financial Services put out a request for additional materials on the to-do lists of many transfers.  They've been waiting for many documents since May 1 or 2.  Please go into your to-do lists and see if you are one of those people. Together, let's expedite this process of getting you your financial aid award.