Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's Talk about the High School Transcript

We noticed that towards the end of our spring semester review, we were requesting/pleading for the high school transcript or GED(yes, we'll accept it) from a lot of students who had done a great job of submitting the application and college transcript(s).  

We do require high school transcripts or the GED.

If you're planning on applying for Fall 2012 and you're home for winter break, get a jumpstart on gathering materials and request or collect your transcript from your high school.  If you completed a GED, order your official score report now.  You can hold onto until you apply or you can send it to us ahead of your application. We'll match things up as we get them.  You'll be able to mark it off your list early and not have to worry about it when you're juggling the application process, mid-terms and other things life throws our way. :)