Monday, April 29, 2013


I am so ecstatic because this is the first year we have not had rude or frankly, down-right ugly comments after the release of decisions.  The theme for your year must be civility.  You’ve asked some great follow-up questions.  I will either answer them here, or amend the blogposts from Friday. Some answers will go into the commentary.  Thank you for your calm and collected comments! It makes our job much easier. 

There are just over 500 applicants on the wait-list, but it is further divided by the schools to which you applied. Applicants on the wait-list are not ranked. We will not pick you off at random.  We will go in and review everyone who elects to stay on the wait list and sends final grades to us. The number of students we can take depends on the number of students who say yes to us.  But, we built in a little cushion, meaning, we do waitlist with the hopes of getting great spring grades from you.  Depending upon the year, we’ll take 60-80 students off the wait-list. We WILL take someone off the waitlist. 

We usually email (sometimes call) these student students with the decision and you’ll have 48 hours to say yes or no. This is more of a rolling process. We’ll announce it on the blog when we begin to make decisions and then we’ll email you once the waitlist has closed.
You may send a letter or email of continued interest or write to tell us of any new updates. You are welcome to send additional letters of recommendation, but you should only send them if they add new information.  No more than two please.

If you're going to make comments on this blog, please don't be anonymous.  It's hard to know who is who when more than ten of your are anonymous. 

UPDATE: The first batch of financial aid awards will be released on Thursday, May 2.  These can also be found online and only online.  Please check your to-do list to see if additional documents are needed  in order to complete your application.  As it stands now, they will release only on Thursdays.  I'll let you know if there is any more information. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Waitlisted for Fall 2013?

You may use this post as an umbrella to make comments or ask questions about the wait list.

If you are interested in staying on the wait list, pretty please make sure you click the button to “remain on the wait list.”  If you don’t do this, we will not review you again in the future.

After the admissions deposit deadline of May 15, we’ll begin to look to see how many students we can take off the wait list. These numbers vary from year to year and unfortunately, it can be a long process.  We hope to make our decisions by the end of June.

Most importantly, we need to see your transcript listing your Spring 2013 grades in order to make a final decision.  Trust me.  You’ll want to do this, but only after exams and after all of your grades have been posted.  To do this, please use the same address that appears on the right panel of this blog.

If you are offered admission from the wait list and need to have financial aid information in order to make your decision, we will work to help you with this.  Good luck!

Not Offered Admission?

While it sounds trite, we wish we could admit all of the wonderful applicants who have applied.  You should be proud of what you've done and proud of the fact that you took a risk and completed that transfer application. If you post here, please be considerate of each other’s feelings, emotions, reactions and the like.  We do not have an appeals process, but depending upon the length of time you have been in college, you may be eligible to apply again in the future.  We thank you for your interest.

Offered Admission for Fall 2013

In order the streamline the comments, I will create separate posts for your individual inquiries.  Please be respectful of your fellow commenters and the work we have put into reading your applications.  I will delete any offensive or unpleasant commentary. 

**Feel free to ask questions here if you’ve been offered admission**

As I said before, your status page is pretty basic.  The admissions deposit which goes towards your  tuition for the first semester is $400.  Below your “letter,” you should see buttons for accepting or declining our offer of admission.  Clicking “YES” will not completely secure your spot in the class. You will need to pay in order to set it in stone.  You can pay with a credit card (we don’t accept VISA) or with an e-check. You’ll have until May 15th to put down a deposit.  If you decide not to come to UVA, please decline our offer on that same page. This will make for a cleaner wait list phase. 

We do not have admitted students’ days for transfers, but you are welcome to visit before you have to make your decision.  I will address questions about orientation and housing next week.  I’ll also let you know when financial aid awards begin to go out. These are only posted online.

In order to get the ball rolling, you need to make your deposit of course.  After 72 hours, you’ll be able to take UVA’s responsible computing quiz, set up your email account and register for orientation. I don’t believe housing and dining information will be available until mid-May or June, but ALWAYS keep an eye on your email. Your credits will not be evaluated until pay your deposit and send your final transcript.  Credit evaluation is ongoing until summer orientation.