Thursday, April 30, 2009

Logging into the Student Information System(SIS)

If you don't know it yet, Dean J writes an INCREDIBLE blog for our first-year applicants. I've included a link to one to of her posts that will show you how to look into your student account. This is important and something you'll want because it will... reveal your decision. Give it a test run tonight if you haven't yet visited.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Decisions will be released on Friday

Please let me put all of these rumors to rest.

From the horse's mouth:

Decisions will be released online, that's through your SIS account on Friday(5/1) afternoon by 5pm. That is all I can give you about timing. We simply won't be ready until then.
We don't send email. Letters will be mailed after the decisions come out.
Unlike last year, if you are a rollover, you will be able to see your decision online.

I'm not sure if this feels better, but at least it gives you more of an idea about timing. Eat, sleep and study for those exams readers!

Note: If you have a question about transferring in the future(not Fall 2009), you might want to hold off for a week or two. Your comment will likely get swallowed in decision commentary and I simply can't reply to everyone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Decisions are NOT coming out this week

Remember we are trying to contend with a new system of reading and releasing decisions. We are not required to release before May 1. Last year was a fluke.
I'm sorry, but they won't be out this week folks.

Request for Financial Aid Materials

There is no correlation between financial aid requests and your admissions decisions. Student Financial Services is trying to get a head-start on their applicants because there is such a quick turnaround.

**Note: Financial Aid Award Letters no longer come in the mail. They will be released through the Student Information System**

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Green Checks

As you can see, I've been a bit busy reading applications and helping with Days on the Lawn.
Sorry for being missing in action.

A green check does not mean that there has been a decision made on your application. Not having a green check does not mean that a decision has not been made. We had this problem with the first-years back in the winter. It is merely a function of Peoplesoft. That is the place where you will eventually check your decision, but they are not complete let alone ready to be released at this time. No amount of anxiety or worrying or pleading on the blog will change the current date of release on May 1. Remember that we are using a new online system this year. This affects our reading style, timing and processes. Just because it was April 25 last year, it doesn't mean it will be that date this year.

I will get to your comments next week. I just wanted to put your minds at ease this weekend with this post.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Decision Notification

As of right now, the decision date is May 1st, just as it says on our website. I will write to you as soon as I know if it will be earlier. It is only April 6. I won't know anything more for a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience! Remember to keep up the hard work where you are now :)