Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spring Deadline is Approaching

As many of you know, the spring (January admission) deadline is October 1, 2011. Let's go over the basics.

-We only take students in January who are entering the College of Arts and Sciences and the Architectural History program.  We want to admit students who truly want to matriculate and graduate from these programs.  This is not a back door for the Commerce School, Engineering School and the like.
- The application is online at  Yes, there are essays, but I promise you that they are not difficult to answer. Take the time to really think about why you are applying to UVA and go with that.
-In order to do our review, we require the high school transcript/GED, the college transcript and standardized testing (SAT or ACT). For applicants who have been out of high school for more than five years, we will allow you to apply without the SAT or ACT. For applicants whose second language is English, we require the TOEFL exam.  The deadline to mail these materials is a postmark deadline.
-UVA is a selective institution.  We require these parts in order to admit the most qualified and best prepared students no matter your age or where you are in your education. These requirements are on our website and they were required long before the internet.
-On the right panel of this blog, you'll see tips on the forms offered to you by the common app.  We do not require any of these, but see the right panel for more info.
-Unfortunately, we are only able to admit about 10-15% of the students who apply for January. If you don't gain admission at that time, and you are not a college junior at this time, you will likely be eligible to apply again for fall, where we admit 35-40% of applicants.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Transfer Open House

The next transfer open house will be on November 11. We are working on the details, but we hope you can join us. Plan to visit us for most of the day. Registration and schedules will be available soon.