Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Part Harmony

Remember that in order to fully submit your application, you will need to submit three parts.
That's 1) The Basic App, 2) The Application Supplement and 3) $60 application fee. After all of that is submitted, you should receive and email from us (UVA) that includes information about your Student Information System Account.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arts Supplements

If you have a talent in the arts, you can send us a sample of your work and an evaluation will be added to your file. For more information, please go here. Use the cover sheets provided on this website(not the common app form) and follow the directions on the sheet.
The deadline for arts supplements is also March 1, 2011.

Monday, February 7, 2011

If not Spring, then Fall?

This is a reminder for students who were not offered for Spring 2010 and would like to be reconsidered for Fall 2011 transfer admission. Unfortunately, this option is not available to students who are in their 2nd semester, junior year of a bachelors-degree seeking (meaning this rule does not apply to community college students) program. It is the end of the line for you and we would encourage you to check out some of UVA's after you graduate in a year's time.

If you seek to be reconsidered. You must:
1) Tell us. We will not do this for you automatically. Send an email to undergradadmission@virginia.edu and asked to be "Rolled Over" for Fall 2011 review.
2) Send us a transcript that includes your Fall 2010 grades if you were in school at that time (see address on sidebar)
3) Email us a list of your current Spring 2011 courses and course descriptions to undergradadmission@virginia.edu.

Decisions will be released by May 1, 2011.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Transfer Information Session

We will host our biannual transfer session on Friday, February 18. If you attended the open house in November, this will be a repeat for you and therefore you do not need to attend.

The Transfer Information Session will be at 10AM in the Newcomb Hall Theater. A tour will leave from there at 11am. We hope to have a small current student panel of students who transferred to UVA in the past.

TO REGISTER for this event, go to https://virginia-uga.edu.185r.net/Event/ and click on "Transfer Student."

We encourage you to stick around and visit classes or go to a dining hall or restaurant in the area.
You can also go on tours given by specific schools.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's recap

The Common Application is a wonderful one-stop place for you to apply to multiple schools. Because it is a general application, there are some things that we can't control or take down. We are not as strict about the "School Forms" Section you'll find in your app.

Just to recap...

1) The College Official's Report is NOT REQUIRED
2) The Secondary School Report is NOT REQUIRED
3) The Mid Year Report is NOT REQUIRED
4) The instructor recommendation is RECOMMENEDED, but it cannot be sent through CommonApp. This can be printed and given to person giving you a recommendation. They can either mail it or email to our general addresses.

We hope that relieves a little stress in this last month before March 1 :)