Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's recap

The Common Application is a wonderful one-stop place for you to apply to multiple schools. Because it is a general application, there are some things that we can't control or take down. We are not as strict about the "School Forms" Section you'll find in your app.

Just to recap...

1) The College Official's Report is NOT REQUIRED
2) The Secondary School Report is NOT REQUIRED
3) The Mid Year Report is NOT REQUIRED
4) The instructor recommendation is RECOMMENEDED, but it cannot be sent through CommonApp. This can be printed and given to person giving you a recommendation. They can either mail it or email to our general addresses.

We hope that relieves a little stress in this last month before March 1 :)


Tom said...


This may be a dumb question, but just to be clear, we don't need to include any information about our secondary school, correct? Not even AP or SAT scores?

Thank you,


Amanda B said...

I applied for the Spring Semester, but was not offered admission. By the end of this semester I will have completed my associated degree. I wanted to roll over my application to apply again for the Fall semester of 2011. Is there any way I can indicate that I graduated from CC even though I already sent in my application for last semester? Also, I am still thinking about majoring in Marketing, but my application is for The College, can I switch schools when/if accepted? I would be transferring as a 3rd year.

Jeff B. said...

Thanks I was curious about the 4 items you listed but have a question about a few others.

1. Education/Advisor.... I don't have one at Comm. College, what do I do?
2. I earned my GED, where are those score mailed?
3. I don't see where to attach or mail my official CC transcript. Am I missing it or is it submitted someplace else?

Roger Evans said...

My school midterms grades won't be out by March 1st. Will I still be able to send them in a few days after?

rogerevans said...

If you submitted your application without doing the essays, is it to late to send them in seperately?

Randy said...

I see that they 1st year essays are all supposed to be around 250 to 500 words. Is there a limit or guidelines to how long the transfer essays should be? And also, is there a particular format they should be?

cardiac said...

I am transferring from a CC. I have not written any SATs. Is it required for admission, and if so, will my application be even considered without SAT scores?

french said...

UVA's transfer course list required 6 units of language. My preferred language is French which is not offered in my college. I did, however, do French in high school (I wrote my O-levels in French as well).
Will UVA allow me to come in and take French there, or do i have to have french before they'll let me transfer.

Transfermer said...

Yes, you should fill out the application and include test scores. If you can remember your high school GPA, plug that in as well,. We’ll use the high school transcript to confirm this information.

Amanda B,
You can send an email to the general email address if you want to add new information. If you are thinking of switching schools, you need to tell us this by March 1.

Jeff B,
I specifically stated that the College Official’s report is not required. All transcripts can be mailed to our address. This is on our website and I’ve put it in the sidebar on the front of this blog for your convenience.

Roger Evans,
I specifically stated that the Mid Year Report is not required. If you left your essays out of your application by mistake, you can email them to our general address undergradadmission@virginia.edu

Same requirements. Just remember quality over quantity.

Cardiac and French,
Standardized testing is technically a requirement. If English is not your first language, you may substitute it with the TOEFL. If you have been out of high school for more than five years, we can waive the testing requirement. We do not take O levels. It is advised that you take your language/proficiency/ SAT Subject Test in French before you transfer.

Blaugrana3 said...


I have a question (also posted on collegeconfidential) as well. Last spring (or maybe Dec. 09) I took the ACT and sent the scores to a couple of schools, including UVa. Due to family circumstances, I was not able to apply to UVa but will be applying this spring. Do I re-send the ACT scores or will UVa have them? Thank you.

Chris F said...

I have a question:

Concerning SAT scores and high school transcripts, I applied to UVA last year as a freshman, so do I still need to send a copy of my SAT scores and high school transcript when I apply as a transfer?


Jennifer said...

I was also curious about previous information. If we applied as a freshman, how much information do we need to send again? Because it would be great to save some money if I didn't have to re-send SAT scores. I was also curious about the forms that were "Not Required". Does it help your application to send them anyways? And can we just e-mail our course descriptions?

Transfermer said...

Blaugrana3 and Chris F,
We keep all test scores on hand for three years. Chris F, if you didn’t send us your final, final transcript, you’ll need to send a new high school transcript.

No need to send the SATs. Course descriptions can be emailed. I think that’s what it says on the Common App. It can’t hurt to send these documents, but they can create a lot of extra work that’s not necessary, especially the Secondary School Report.

John said...


Do we still need to send all of our college coursework? I noticed the email address and instructions are gone from when I saw them last month.


Transfermer said...

Hi John,
It’s still there. It’s on the Supplement section under “Transfer Applicants Only.”

Jenna said...


Is it necessary to send a "Letter of Good Standing" as part of the transfer application?

Thank you,

Quinn said...


I have already sent in my application, but just received an honor that I would like to notify the University about. How should I go about doing so?