Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spring Application Deadline Tomorrow

Hello Everyone!

I'm sure you all have been hard at work already on your spring applications for transferring - but as a reminder, please have everything submitted by tomorrow. If there is a delay in certain materials arriving, we can certainly be flexible, but we'll need the Common Application to be submitted on time regardless.

If you have any updates that need to be submitted after the deadline (and as such, after your Common App has been submitted), you can upload those documents via your MyUVA Application portal. External things, like a letter of recommendation sent from someone else can be emailed to

Best of luck as you finalize your applications! As always, you can call our Dean of the Day if you run into any issues.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What documents are required?

 What documents are required?

As we're getting going on this year's application - let's recap what's needed in order for the admissions committee to review your transfer application.

1) Your current college transcript- This will give us a record of your previous work and your current courses.

2)Previous college transcript(s)- You are required to list every college you've ever attended. Whether it was last year or many years ago, you need to list it on the common app and you'll need to order your transcripts to come to us.  Please don't leave any colleges out of your application.  We do have ways to double-check your academic history, but we would prefer to hear it from you.

3) Your high school transcript or GED score report- Yes, we require this as well.  If you attended school in a foreign country where the transcript is in another language,  you'll want to have this officially translated. If you attended high school for part of your secondary schooling, but then got the GED, we would like to see both the score report and your partial high school transcript.

4) Standardized testing- This is optional for most applicants. If you have already taken the ACT and SAT and would like for it to be considered, you may submit it - if not, I do not recommend taking the test just for our application! However, if  you graduated from a high school where English was not the language of instruction, you should take the TOEFL or the IELTS. We are more concerned with your transcripts over your test scores, regardless.

Of course, you can't have any of this reviewed without the application, so make sure you apply through the common application spending time on each and every essay.  If you've spent time out of school after high school or at any time in between, please tell us about this time in your life. If there are unexplained gaps, we will reach out to you.

Our address is on the right-side of this blog. Please send have official transcripts sent to that address.  You'll also notice guidance on the forms you'll find on the common application.

Good luck!