Friday, November 19, 2021

General Advice for Preparing to Transfer - First Steps!

 Hello Everyone,

This may not be the best timing for this - but this NPR article was sent to me today and does a really nice job of framing how to start this process. I wanted to link to it here just in case anyone finds this blog towards the beginning of their process:

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Spring Transfer Stats

Hello Everyone,

Here are the stats for this spring transfer cohort:

Spring Transfer Admission Statistics

Offers of Admission: 56 out of 436 (12.8%)

Virginian Offers of Admission: 37 (66%)

Studying in Virginia Community College System: 29 (52%)

I hope this helps detail how extremely competitive the spring transfer process continues to be - please do not be too discouraged if you were not offered admission - it is a much larger pool in the fall admission process (we enroll about 700 students usually then) and we are happy to roll over your application for fall consideration if you follow the instructions in your portal.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Spring 2022 Transfer Decisions

The time has come!  Transfer decisions for the spring 2022 semester will be released by the end of the week. You'll be notified via email to check an update to your application portal. A student is either offered or not offered.  There is no wait list process for spring admission (except for the small BSN program cohort).

Do not call the office to ask for your decision.  We do not give out decisions over the phone.   If you don't remember your portal login information, check your submission confirmation email, then seek out the help information on the left-hand side of that same page.  

If you were not admitted, you might have the opportunity to "roll over" your application for fall 2022 consideration.  Please follow the directions in your online letter.  NOTE: This option is not available for students who are entering their sixth semester at a four-year institution (this is not a community college) next spring.  Unfortunately, these students are no longer eligible to transfer to UVA.  I know our graduate schools would look forward to reading your applications.  

Thank you for your patience through this extremely busy time of year - we're excited to bring in this small group of students to UVA for the new semester - and look forward to starting on the larger fall 2022 process soon!