Friday, March 26, 2010

Here's the thing about course descriptions

Just for observation's sake, as we dig in with the transfer applications, we've discovered another reason why we ask you for course descriptions. Many of your colleges do not list Spring 2010 courses on their transcripts. Your current courses are very important because they help us determine how close or far you are from achieving the general ed requirements. If you haven't emailed us yet(especially if your courses are not on your transcript), there's still time. Email catalog descriptions to

Friday, March 12, 2010

Materials are making their way to your files

You all have been very patient in understanding that materials don't go into your file automatically. We have many diligent employees working to open mail, scan documents, put a name to the document on the system and then link them to your file. You see, everything is electronic. We read your applications on computer screens, like you see in Dean J's post here: So, we have to take the time to make sure everything is complete in it's electronic format before it's "ready to read." That being said, if you ordered your transcript towards the end of February, beginning of March, it came in with hundreds of other documents for your fellow applicants. The good news is (and I spoke to a supervisor in this department yesterday) that the team is almost all caught up on everything that's come into our office. If you know that it's been more than a month since you sent something, you may email our office and we can look into it for you. Please note that such a request will take us 24-72 hours to get back to you. The best email address to use is If you got married or divorced at any time in your education career, please alert us to this. Usually, we can pick up on this, but if you it seems to be taking too long for documents to get to your file, that might be the issue.