Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Waitlist

As you can tell, we have just started moving to the waitlist. You can trust the Joker this time. I’m very impressed with everyone's researching skills on the blog. We were able to move to the waitlist a little earlier than usual, but it will no doubt run through June. I suppose I should have used the word “spurts” as opposed to “batches.” These offers will not all come out at the same time, but I hope to give you a date to let you know that we’ve closed the waitlist – meaning there will be no more offers. We will likely make 50-100 offers.

We would prefer that you not call the office to look for transcripts if you are a waitlisted student. We are currently scanning and linking many of these and as you know, everything takes time. Please allow 14 days from the date of delivery. In all likelihood, it should be here, but if you want to check on it, please email undergradadmission@virginia.edu.

We won’t be sending emails, but like I said, I’ll try and announce it on here once we’ve stopped looking at the waitlist.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paying your Deposit

The cutoff for paying your deposit is 11:59pm tomorrow. I would not wait until that time. If something goes awry, there will be no one to help you and the gateway will close. Please try and log onto SIS earlier in the day.

Please also keep in the mind that simply clicking the "accept" button does not save a place for you in the Fall. Hitting that button puts you in an "intends to matriculate" limbo. Only when you pay your deposit through UVaQuickPay (aka NelNet) will you become matriculated.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clearing to-do lists for Admitted Students

We received a lot of emails and phone calls lately about your to-do lists coming up incomplete after you deposited. I think it mostly affected students who did not submit their testing through the College Board. I touched on this a few weeks ago, but the system is only automatically tripped with these official scores. A number of you had your scores listed on your hs transcript and we reviewed your application using this format. Yesterday, our staff went through and began to clear these for admitted students. The process should be completed today.

Don't be Anonymous

Make up a name for yourself please. It's difficult to answer questions when there are 100 responses from "anonymous."

It's very simple. Under your comment, go to Choose An Identity. Then click, Name/URL, and enter a name in the box. Then click Publish Your Comment. Voila!

Credit Evaluations

For those who were admitted and plan on putting down a deposit, your credit evaluations will come in due time.

First, you have to complete final exams. Second, you'll have to send in your final transcript. Send this to the Office of Admission. Third, the registrars in their respective schools will work to evaluate this credit.

Evaluations will be issued in late June and early July. If you were admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences, I understand an introductory letter will be going out to you in the next couple of weeks.

And now, back to answering the comments...

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Next Few Steps

I am working on answering the 300+ comments we recieved over the weekend. Please bear with me as I think I will break them up in chunks throughout the course of the week.

Some of you have answered these questions through your own research, but I'll go ahead and reiterate the information.

Lost Username and Password
If you have deleted, lost or forgotten your username and password, you can email uvaapplicationinfo@virginia.edu with the subject line, “Lost Username and Password.” Please do not call the office. Our email administrator is very efficient in handling these requests.

You should all receive your letters early this week. They went out last Friday.

For those who were offered admission, you should find that the deadline to pay your deposit is May 15. As I said before, clicking Accept, but not paying does not save a spot for you. You must pay to secure your spot.

I'm told it take three days for you to become a fully matriculated student. This is why you may find it difficult to sign up for housing or orientation instantly. Please allow at least three business days after you pay your deposit.

Speaking of orientation, they have a beautiful website here: www.virginia.edu/orientation

It's a great place to get started. Here are the important dates.

All Architecture Transfers – June 25 and 26
Third Year College(of Arts and Sciences), Commerce, Education and Nursing Transfers– July 20
Second Year College(of Arts and Sciences) and Engineering Transfers – July 21

For information on housing locations, go to www.virginia.edu/housing

If you received an email about a deposit waiver, it was based on information taken from your FAFSA. This was not taken from your checking a box on the Common Application. That was a waiver for the application fee, not the admissions deposit. We scheduled this email to go out just a few minutes after decisions were released. If you paid before you saw this email, please email jvr5d@virginia.edu.

Transfer of Credit
Each school is working feverishly to evaluate the credit from your transcripts. This process will continue through May and June. It should be completed by the time you come to Orientation. For your information, you can also check out the Transfer Credit Anaylzer here http://www.web.virginia.edu/analyzer/ if you want to see what would transfer.

I shall return...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Still Working

Nope, they're not up yet. Our technical team is still working on it.

I'm so sorry guys! I launched the posts for this time hoping they'd be up.

Believe me, my palms are sweaty as well.

I'm told it will be done by 5.

Waitlisted for Fall 2009 as a Transfer?

If you're still intersted in us, make sure you click yes to stay on the waitlist!
And remember to mail us your official transcript after you complete the Spring semester.
Again, the address is P.O. Box 400160, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Not Offered Admission?

Offered Admission?

We like to create posts for each decision. Feel free to post here if you have been offered admission. In any spot where you comment, please be respectful of others' feelings and situations. I will delete comments if necessary.

-Financial Aid Awards can only be viewed online this year. Unfortunately, you won't get anything in the mail. These should be available early next week.

-As you can tell, this is the first year in which an admitted student can pay the $250 deposit online. You must click yes and pay the deposit to be a fully matriculated student.

Almost There

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write you a short note before the decisions come out later today. We in admission would like to thank you for your devoted interest to UVA and specifically to this blog. You are brave in posting your questions and so helpful in aiding newcomers and others who seek wisdom and assistance. I've been pleasantly suprised by it. You've been patient as well! Whenever I got bogged down in the applications and couldn't get to blog, you stood by patiently, waiting for the next update.

All of this being said, I know you are eager to see your admission decisions. No matter what happens, remember that this is not a decision on your value as a person. We seek intellectual and challenged transfer students every year - a hefty chunk at 600-700- but we're unable to offer to all of you. We are so lucky to get every application that we receive.

Thank you for tuning into the blog dear readers!

Best wishes to all of you!