Monday, May 4, 2009

The Next Few Steps

I am working on answering the 300+ comments we recieved over the weekend. Please bear with me as I think I will break them up in chunks throughout the course of the week.

Some of you have answered these questions through your own research, but I'll go ahead and reiterate the information.

Lost Username and Password
If you have deleted, lost or forgotten your username and password, you can email with the subject line, “Lost Username and Password.” Please do not call the office. Our email administrator is very efficient in handling these requests.

You should all receive your letters early this week. They went out last Friday.

For those who were offered admission, you should find that the deadline to pay your deposit is May 15. As I said before, clicking Accept, but not paying does not save a spot for you. You must pay to secure your spot.

I'm told it take three days for you to become a fully matriculated student. This is why you may find it difficult to sign up for housing or orientation instantly. Please allow at least three business days after you pay your deposit.

Speaking of orientation, they have a beautiful website here:

It's a great place to get started. Here are the important dates.

All Architecture Transfers – June 25 and 26
Third Year College(of Arts and Sciences), Commerce, Education and Nursing Transfers– July 20
Second Year College(of Arts and Sciences) and Engineering Transfers – July 21

For information on housing locations, go to

If you received an email about a deposit waiver, it was based on information taken from your FAFSA. This was not taken from your checking a box on the Common Application. That was a waiver for the application fee, not the admissions deposit. We scheduled this email to go out just a few minutes after decisions were released. If you paid before you saw this email, please email

Transfer of Credit
Each school is working feverishly to evaluate the credit from your transcripts. This process will continue through May and June. It should be completed by the time you come to Orientation. For your information, you can also check out the Transfer Credit Anaylzer here if you want to see what would transfer.

I shall return...


Anonymous said...

This might seem like a silly question, but how do we know if we were admitted as a second or third year student without our transfer credit evaluations being complete? I'm not really sure which orientation I should be signing up for!

I might just be in an unusual spot, but I know that I had been offered admission to other schools as a second-year, based on certain credits not transferring and others not being applicable to my intended degree path, should I expect the same from UVA?

NVCCtransfer said...

GREAT QUESTION! I was just looking through the credit evaluator and it appears that 18 of my hours are not going to transfer. So how do we know which year we're offered?

Anonymous said...

One of my classes will not transfer to UVA. How important is it to still pass this class if I have to take it again anyways? Will there be negative repercussions if I don't pass this class, or will it be understood there was no point in studying like crazy for the final?

James Gray said...

Two questions, please. Just an appropriate contact number or e-mail would suffice, or a statement to the effect that: "You can fix this stuff at Summer Orientation." I know you're busy. :)

(1) Along with my acceptance letter, I recieved a request to send my "final transcript" in, without which I would be unable to matriculate. I am a VCCS transfer who graduated with my Associate's in Fall of 2008; I took the Spring semester off. Therefore, you already have my "final" transcript. Whom should I call? Or will the system automatically notice?

(2) Also, I graduated with 71 transferrable credit-hours from VCCS, in addition to AP credits & military training. Since the University only accepts 60, will I have the opportunity to select which credits are transferred? Or is it some kind of automatic system, and I'm just stuck with whatever processes first? I'd hate to have my - unfortunately mandatory - Introduction to Computers, PE, and Speech classes transfer, but not my two semesters of calculus & analytic geometry...

Thank you in advance, again, Transfermer & company.

James Gray said...

To the above "Anonymous" poster: I've been lurking on the message board "College Confidential" for a while now. There, and elsewhere, I've heard several people complaining about having their offer of admissions revoked for poor performance their last semester. One of them was from UVA. It happens. All I can say is, that if you're tempted to slack off in any way: DON'T DO IT! You've come this far, I'm sure studying hard for one last final won't kill you.

hopeless said...

i'm on the wait list right now and was wondering if after may 15th there was any way that we could find out how many potential spots are open? or do we have to wait the entire month of june to simply find out if we are finally accepted or rejected?

Anonymous said...

I've been accepted to the school of engineering and I've reviewed my curriculum, and I'm about positive there's no way I could ever finish in two years. So I guess that while I'm done with two years of college I'll still be entering as a second year student, which is fine.

How do we get our student email? I'm still waiting for my tuition waiver to be processed.

Anonymous said...

@The last anonymous: That was my big fear. I know that UVA is quite strict about graduating on time, but I've only got my intro Bio and Intro chem classes and I am planning on pursuing either a B.S. or a B.A. in Bio, and I still need to finish (or start, depending on how I do on the foreign language placement test) my foreign language requirement.

I know I'll make it work somehow! I just don't know how I'd make it work in two years time.

UVAfan said...


I got my UVA wait-list letter today.
Question: If UVA really thinks I'm a strong, interesting student and would like to make an offer of admission to if space is available, why don't they just accept me?

I don't mean to sound rude, or bitter...that question has just made me scratch my head a lot lol.

Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity!!!!

Eric said...

a quick important question: after paying the $250 deposit, is it legitimate to withdraw my admission later?

Unknown said...


When applying for Summer School the forms indicate two types of students, current, and visiting. For our purposes are we "Current" students? Do we need to make any special note that we are Fall transfers?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I read the GAA for the College and Section III contains the following language:

"Complete corsework, all major requirements, and graduation requirements in no more than four full-time semesters."

What exactly does that mean? It's not addressed anywhere that I can find.

Anonymous said...

It means that you have to finish all your classes required for graduation within 2 years.

liz said...


Where'd you get the forms for/information about summer classes? i'm not sure how to go about applying.

thanks, and congrats :)

Cookie Monster said...


When will the housing applications be available; I submitted my deposit more than 72 hours ago, and am just making sure I am going to the right place.

Unknown said...


I pulled this from the College of Arts and Sciences FAQ.

"May I enroll in UVa Summer Session this year?

Yes. We encourage recently accepted transfer students to enroll in our summer session. Any credits earned during the summer will count toward your degree, including area, competency, and major requirements. You may also declare a major during the summer. And summer term does not count toward the number of full-time semesters you've been allotted. Students have not only made significant academic progress this way, but they also find that it is an excellent way to orient themselves to University life. Finally, enrolling in summer session will not interfere with meeting a faculty advisor and selecting fall courses during summer orientation. We hope that you will seriously consider summer enrollment. Click here to learn more about our summer session. "

The link is as follows -

You do need to move quickly though. Classes start on June 8th.



DDD said...

How many people usually get accepted as a transferred student?

I saw some situations that people got 4.0 GPA in high school and college, but still get waitlisted or rejected. Why does it happen??

Anonymous said...

I was also planning on taking class during summer, but how do you know which class to take if you haven't met your counsleor?

Also, how cam I get my student ID as key to the dorm for summer if orientation doesn't start until july 21st? or 22nd is it?

does financial aid cover summer costs?

Transfermer said...

Usually, your year is determined by the years you spent at your current school. If you register and it turns out it's for the wrong date, I believe your school will contact you.

Are you sure that only 18 will transfer? Most students in Virginia community colleges and four year schools will find that a lot will transfer. If this is your first year, you will likely be a second year. If this is your second year, that’s a little worrisome.

I’ll take this time to remind you to NOT BE ANONYMOUS. Come up with an alias please. You could do something timely – like Logan or Stryker, Remy or Wade Wilson; Captain Kirk or Scotty! Anything but Anonymous 

Anon with the passing the class question,
You need to do well even if the credit won’t transfer. Slacking off after receiving a positive decision would also be worrisome.

1) I’ll take note and tell our file services department.
2) Your school will take the credits that are most necessary for completing your degree.

We’ll begin to look at the waitlist in June. The good news is that we’ll have an idea of our numbers sooner than we did in the past because students can pay deposits online as opposed to us waiting for the mail to arrive.

Anon admitted to Engineering,
-You should pose your questions to Mary Lane at
- Please email the individual who emailed you about the waiver if you’re waiting on it. I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Anon who wants Biology,
I’d recommend starting your foreign language this summer.

I’m sorry you’re on the waitlist. I hope it works out for you in a few weeks.

You can cancel your admission, but the $250 is non-refundable.

You would still be a visiting student.

Cookie Monster,
Nice alias! Try going here,
We admitted close to 700 students this year. Some students may have a 4.0, but they might not have the preferred coursework. Some may have a 4.0 in high school, but if it’s weighted, it’s not always the highest in the class.

Use your best judgment when looking for a summer class.
If you get summer housing, your ID will follow suit allowing you to enter the dorm.

There is a separate fin aid application for summer coursework

aed said...

This is both the first anon questioning the transfer-year and the Bio anon with foreign language concerns. Sorry about not using a name. I've left a bunch of comment on here and I always forget!

I guess what I'm confused about (and mildly worried) is how many classes I've taken at my community college that could likely transfer but will do nothing for my degree path. Of the top of my head, there are classes like a pre-calculus class that I transfers but won't meet a math req. Or writing classes that were necessary when working toward Associate degree completion but ultimately, it's my understanding, do nothing at UVA for my intended degree path. Do all of those transfer over and bump me up as a third-year when, realistically, I'm pretty much at the same spot as most second-years? I know that Virginia Tech was offering to transfer 57 credits but I was labeled as a sophomore instead of a junior because of a 60 credit cut off for Juniors, but I would have been in a similar quandary there.

As for the foreign language, are you recommending taking it at UVA this summer or at my CC and transferring it over? My community college is only offering Beg. French II (which is the language I've previously studied) over the summer, I'm not sure that will be as helpful as I want it and it happens to be at a time that interferes with when I have been working, which makes it even more troublesome.

If you're suggesting UVA, while I think that would be quite wonderful, I'm still working on finalizing my to-do list in regards to my financial aid applications and have no idea where I would stay for the summer or how I would pay for the course.

Please, don't consider this to be me complaining! I'm so freaking psyched I got into UVA and I just know I'm going to make this work out somehow! It's just that I've got questions and concerns and want to make sure I come at this from the right angle so as to avoid any huge issues two years down the line. And if I've made any grievous spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, please forgive them, I've got a bit of a cold and this cough syrup is really kicking my butt right now.

uvauvauvaUVA!!! said...


Thank you for clearing things up!

I woud like to take foreign language replacement test, when do I do that? Do I have to register for it?

Unknown said...


As visiting student would we be eligible for financial aid?

Again, Thank you!


NVCCtransfer said...


Thanks for your is a little more detail. As of this week I have completed all coursework and will be receiving an A.A. degree from NVCC. I checked the credit analyzer and 18 of the 72 hours I've taken will not transfer according to the analyzer. That is why I'm concerned about which year I'll be entering into.

Next concern, if I enter as a sophomore, how long will I then have to complete my degree, and do I HAVE to live on campus (I'm a 29 year old military veteran)?

MegaMan said...

What if you are accepted and your grades drop do metal health reasons? Will UVA rescind their offer of admissions? Or is it done on a case by case basis?

MegaMan said...

If one wants to do a 5 year program like the BS Math/MS Statistics program or the Curry BS/MA program how do finical aid work for the program? Do undergraduates receive financial aid their 5th year @ UVA, generally speaking?

TeapotMonarch said...

"I saw some situations that people got 4.0 GPA in high school and college, but still get waitlisted or rejected. Why does it happen??"

Ha, exactly why my high school was annoying. I had a 4.3 and was 75th in my class. My boyfriend had a 4.8 and was fourth in the class and someone I knew with a 4.2 was 100 something. Just goes to show that having a high GPA (like a 4.0) does not always mean that you were the best in the class, as Transfermer says, and it also does not mean you took the most challenging courses. However, it also doesn't mean you don't deserve to be admitted or that you wouldn't be able to handle UVA.

Just a tiny rant. :)

c-ville transfer said...

I have been accepted, but I am having a difficult time pulling up my grade in a class this semester, which is needed for acceptance, but not for graduating with an associates degree. If I take the class over again during the summer, and do exceptionally better, will I be OK for admission for the fall?

If so, should I mention it when I send my transcripts at the end of the semester?

Squarepants said...

Quik Question: By the end of this spring semester, I will have completed 57 credits from my current university.
Upon transferring, will that officially make me a sophomore or a junior at UVa?

liz said...


Today I sent my application in to take summer classes in CLAS and I listed myself as a current student (not visiting). Oops. Should I email someone about it? Or will it be sorted out you think?

And one more thing- will we receive an email telling us that we can begin to add summer session classes once our applications are received/processed?

Thanks so much! I hope you get an extra salary bonus for dealing with all of our neuroses.

Chuck said...

What kind of grades would cause the Office of Admission to rescind our admission offers? I think that they would rescind my admission offer if I had all C's or lower. But would my offer be revoked if I had 2 A's, 1 B+, and 2 B's?

Transfermer said...

I’m sorry, but I’ve run out of time for your question. I’ll come back to it on Monday.

You’ll take the placement test at orientation. You should get information about this as we receive your deposit and things start moving. It’s just a little early right now.

I’m not sure of this. You’ll have to contact Student Financial Services.

I am curious about your situation. Could you email undergradadmission and tell them Transfermer sent you. I’ve heard that it’s better to go into third-year orientation if your unsure.

As a transfer, you never have to live on grounds.

We take it on a case by case basis.
Well, technically, that 5th year would be a grad program. The financial aid rules are different there.

c-ville transfer,
You should mention it. Either way, we’ll likely ask for an explanation. If you receive a grade lower than a C, you won’t satisfy the agreement, but that doesn’t mean your offer will necessarily be rescinded.

Junior = third-year

You might want to drop them a line.

No Chuck :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Transfermer.

- Eliot

?Housing said...

If we apply for on-Grounds housing, who among transfers has priority? Is it the people who applied earliest to U.Va, have the most credits, paid the deposit earliest, filled out the housing app first? Do you have an estimate how long it takes to get an offer?

Transfermer said...

One transfer does not have an advantage over another, but certainly someone who turns it in by the deadline is in a better position than someone who turns it in after the deadline. I don't know how long it takes to get an offer.

Transfermer said...

Usually, I like to answer to short questions. Please don’t hesitate to call our office if you have questions. We won’t bite :)
I hope I’m not wrong, but I am going to assume that you are at a Virginia community college. In addition, I am going to assume that you have been admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences. I apologize if my assumptions are incorrect, but that’s the way I’ll answer your concerns.
For the most part, VCCS coursework is highly transferable. Pre-Calc is a course normally taught in high school and thus it doesn’t transfer here. UVA requires students to take or pass the equivalent of Eng Comp 1 and 2. This is needed to graduate from the University whether you are an English major or Biochemistry major.
When looking at your credits, you would be called a third-year here. You may have to take some summer classes or January courses, but you would not be labeled a second-year. I’d advise against repeating a language course. I only suggested UVA because it’s nice to get acclimated to the University during a slower time of the year. You will be less stressed and your first experiences will be less overwhelming.

Transcript said...

To what address do we send our final transcripts?

Question about classes said...

Is there a place online where we can look at the College of Arts and Sciences gen ed requirements? I have seen the page that says how many credits we need from each area, but not specific classes that fulfill those requirements.

Squarepants said...

I am third year transfer student to the College of Arts and Sciences. However, I plan on apply to the two year Mcintire Schools of Commerce next year.

My question is: Should I attend the Second Year transfer orientation or the third year transfer orientation?

In other words, which orientation will provide me the appropriate information about School of Commerce?

Transfermer said...

Please send it to the admissions office.

Question about classes,
You’ll have to do a little research on your own as far as what will fulfill what.
This is a good start:

You need to attend third-year orientation, and you’ll have to declare a major at that time.
Applying to the Commerce school at this juncture is a tough row to hoe. You’d be competing against UVA students who have a year and a half of UVA courses and credit. I’d like to make sure that you know that it’s not guaranteed. You can check into the Commerce school on your own.

AmyUVA said...

Quick question (and I am sure I am overlooking it) - I am looking through the SIS right now and looking under "my academics" and "view my advisement report" where a report is generated for how my prior courses will satisfy what is needed for my field of study....does my advisor generate this report? I am asking because at this time, and though early, it shows that I have satisfied 0 of 120 credits required for graduation....I am a transfer student so obviously that number is incorrect.... the meantime, should I be going over the credit evaluator to see where I stand in terms of how long it will take me to complete my degree? Lastly, what is the lowest grade that can possibly transfer into UVA?

AmyUVA said...

OOPS...just realized that there was a blog dedicated to the credit evaluation question I had. Disregard! :O)

liz said...


Is there any way that a rush can be put on our credit evaluations? I plan on starting summer classes on June 9, but what I take is contingent upon on some of my credits are evaluated/what transfers.

Should I contact someone about this? If so, who?


Smiles :) said...

Has anyone received their transfer credit report yet? If so, how much time passed from the time that you sent your spring 2009 transcript and when you received your credit evaluation?

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Nail Biter said...

I accepted my offer of admission late - after the May 1st deadline. The system however accepted my registration and eCheck payment. Can I assume (I hope) that I am accepted?