Friday, May 21, 2010

No Wait List News Yet

Hello All,

We are still looking at the class and the numbers. I should have information on the status of the wait list at the end of next week. Unfortunately, this is a waiting game. But, we will begin to work on it at the end of the month and will probably continue working on it until late June.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Important Notes

Pleeeease don’t be anonymous. It makes things very confusing on here. After you make your comment and BEFORE you click on that big orange button, click on “Name/URL” and make up and alias for yourself. It is really hard to answer questions when everyone’s name is anonymous.

If you are on the wait list or admitted, be sure to send your final spring transcript when it becomes available. We will not accept unofficial transcripts. They must be official and sealed.

If you applied for financial aid, and you have not received an aid award, make sure to check your to-do list. You might be missing an important document that is holding up your decision.

Revisiting the Offer


It has been a crazy couple of days in the office. I promise to get to all of your comments by tomorrow. Here are some topics that seemed to come up a lot in the commentary. Hopefully, most of you have received letters and that should clear up a lot of questions.

Paying your Deposit and Matriculating

You have until May 15th to deposit. Pop-ups have been an issue with payment. Please disable these and you should be set. Once you do this, it takes about 72 hours(and sometimes less) to be fully matriculated. This will allow you to seek out registration for Orientation and Housing.

Financial Aid

There was another cluster of financial aid awards posted yesterday. If you have questions about your package and materials (it does take a few days for Student Financial Services to review the info) you can call them at (434) 982-6000.

Transfer Guide

The College of Arts and Sciences puts out a great guide for new transfers. You can find it here.

Orientation We do have orientation for transfer students. Most of you will come on July 22 or 23, but Commerce has an extended program that is required if you want to start in the Fall. Those dates are August 18-20.All questions regarding commerce orientation should be directed towards their office. All Orientation questions can be directed towards general Orientation.

Credit Evaluation

Your school will begin to evaluate credit after you turn in your final grades. That means you need to send them as soon as they become available. This will help you with registering for classes at orientation. As you can imagine this is a long process that probably won’t be completed until the end of June.

Want to take summer classes?

As one of your fellow bloggers found, anyone is welcome to sign up for summer classes. There is a specific office devoted to summer coursework. For more info, go to


I'm not sure of the timing for mailing or releasing housing information, but their website is

There is a new residential college created especially for transfer students. Check it out at

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Correction on Wait List Button

I apologize for the confusion. I assumed the process would be the same for transfers as it was for first-years whereby they can select to remain on the wait list. I'll look into it and get back to you. For now, there is nothing you need to do to stay on the wait list. You will all be reconsidered.

On Monday, I will attempt to get to all of your questions.