Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Financial Aid Deadline - April 1!

You'll recall from the right-hand sidebar of this blog that the financial aid deadline for transfers is quickly approaching.  To complete your financial aid application, we require submission of the FAFSA, the CSS Profile, and your tax return transcripts. For more information on this process (we don't handle aid in this office), please go to: http://sfs.virginia.edu/new/undergrad/transfer

Please Be Kind

Hi all,

You guys are so great and helpful on here, so we may be preaching to the choir.  That said, we are getting reports of callers being rude to our colleagues at the front desk regarding missing transcripts.  Our front-desk staff members have years of experience or are students working work-study jobs just like you. Please be kind as we do our best to cooperate with you.  All documents were due March 1 and we have extended a courtesy to many students who had difficulty getting transcripts to us on time.  We would appreciate respect and kindness from your direction as we all work to complete applications and make it through this process.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thinking of Visiting?

We are just beginning to read applications for fall 2018.  Those of you who are applying know that we will release decisions around May 1.  If admitted, you will be expected to pay your deposit by May 15th. 

In years' past, we have heard from transfers who want to visit during this two-week window.  You are certainly welcome to do this, but like you, students and faculty will be in the midst of final exams.  Grounds (albeit warm) will look a little different and faculty won't be accessible. We would encourage you to you instead visit, next week(week of March 19) or in the second half of April. We, the admissions office will be hosting spring breaking high schoolers from all over the country, but we would be happy to see you as well.

Feel free to take a tour(skip the information session which is mostly for high school students) and sit in on a class. For information on this, check out our page here.

While this post encourages you to visit before decisions come out, please understand that we do not require prospective transfers to visit, we do not offer interviews, and coming to UVA will have no impact on your admissions decision.  That's called "demonstrated interest" and we do not practice this policy. This would merely be an informational visit for YOU and your college search process.