Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Financial Aid Deadline - April 1!

You'll recall from the right-hand sidebar of this blog that the financial aid deadline for transfers is quickly approaching.  To complete your financial aid application, we require submission of the FAFSA, the CSS Profile, and your tax return transcripts. For more information on this process (we don't handle aid in this office), please go to: http://sfs.virginia.edu/new/undergrad/transfer


Unknown said...

Hi Transfermer-
I just learned about the housing shortage last year for transfer students. If I am accepted, I will be coming from out of state, and I am a low-income student. I am worried that there won't be housing, and I will have to live off-grounds. However, I won't be able to afford that, and if I do not get on-grounds housing I won't be able to attend the university. I am probably just overthinking, but could you shed some more light on the housing situation for transfer students?

Wyatt said...

Am I allowed to email my mid year report?

Eun said...

Hi Transfermer-
I submitted my FASFA. I just submitted my CSS profile. So is there additional documents that I need to send? I'm confused on which documents to send.

SEAStransferProspect said...

Hi Transfermer,
I don't remember where I saw it, but I read that UVA saves test scores from previous applications. Is that true? I applied to UVA back in high school, so does my ACT score from that application remain in your database and is taken accounted for in my transfer application?

AxeCapital said...

I pulled this from a collegeconfidential thread on UVA's page. I also am curious so I thought I'd post it, Transfermer!

"Hello! I recently applied as a transfer for Fall 2018, and I was wondering if it's possible to take classes at VCCS during the summer if I get admitted for the fall (decisions are around May 1). I noticed on the website that it says there isn't credit allowed to transfer after matriculation but since i'd be enrolling in these classes before the fall, would these be considered as credit that could be used?

Thanks so much!"

Transfermer said...

Housing has never been guaranteed for upperclassmen. That said, if you apply for housing as soon as the application becomes available(if admitted, you'll get information about this in May), you shouldn't have a problem. Last year, 88% of transfers who applied for on-grounds housing received a spot. Most of the remaining 12% got a place to live from the wait list.


If you scroll down to the bottom of the financial aid link we put in the blogpost, you would find a checklist.

Yes, we still have test scores if you applied as a first-year in the past. If the score is weak, it won't hurt. If it's strong, it could help, but either way, our focus is on your coursework and performance.

Yes, it's fine to take courses THIS summer at your community college, if you have been admitted for fall 2018. NEXT summer (2019) would be more problematic.

AxeCapital said...
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UVAalltheway said...


Could we get an update? Will decisions be released this Friday? Can't wait to hear!! Thank you.


AxeCapital said...


the next update/post seems insanely likely to be the "Decisions are out!" post (go look at the april posts for the past few years on the blog).

They're unlikely to announce the time and date because then servers overload and stuff. Just check your portal on Friday around 4-5PM, if not.. stick it out for two or three more days

UVAalltheway said...

Ok, thanks!

Transfermer said...

The update is that we are still reading!

AxeCapital said...

Transfermer, I'm seeing a strong correlation or just speculation on CC that students whom receive a "Inquiry Access Denied" for the term they are applying to in their Financial Aid confirms an acceptance.

I looked at the previous threads on CC and all students who had this update were accepted. This can be stressful for some applicants and I was wondering if you could confirm or deny whether there is a correlation in the Financial Aid change and an acceptance or not.

Less than a week now..!

RamonesFan1988 said...

Give it up and just let Transfermer read applications. Even if there was a correlation, she wouldn't tell you about it. There's 72 hours to go, I'm sure you can wait that long.

Billy said...

I am so nervous omg lol

AxeCapital said...


AxeCapital said...

thomas jefferson didn't give it up

i shall not

UVAalltheway said...

Omg guys who else is dyingggggg to hear

anxious to hear said...

Do you know the dates of transfer student orientation?

GoTigs said...
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