Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thinking of Visiting?

We are just beginning to read applications for fall 2018.  Those of you who are applying know that we will release decisions around May 1.  If admitted, you will be expected to pay your deposit by May 15th. 

In years' past, we have heard from transfers who want to visit during this two-week window.  You are certainly welcome to do this, but like you, students and faculty will be in the midst of final exams.  Grounds (albeit warm) will look a little different and faculty won't be accessible. We would encourage you to you instead visit, next week(week of March 19) or in the second half of April. We, the admissions office will be hosting spring breaking high schoolers from all over the country, but we would be happy to see you as well.

Feel free to take a tour(skip the information session which is mostly for high school students) and sit in on a class. For information on this, check out our page here.

While this post encourages you to visit before decisions come out, please understand that we do not require prospective transfers to visit, we do not offer interviews, and coming to UVA will have no impact on your admissions decision.  That's called "demonstrated interest" and we do not practice this policy. This would merely be an informational visit for YOU and your college search process.


intheteebiz said...


I just enrolled in a course at my local community college this Summer. It happens to fulfill a requirement at the CAS and for my economics major I applied to.

Can I email the proof of enrollment to or is that a waste of my time?

Thank you!

BeatlesFan1960 said...

Is it ok if I get the mid-term report over a few days? As in, I get one professor's signature on Monday and another on Wednesday? I have different classes on different days so it is tough to get it all in one day.

AxeCapital said...


My CSS profile shows that UVA is requiring that I submit my W-2's/Tax Returns. Do I just scan a copy and mail it to the undergrads admissions office or can I ignore this? I have submitted both FAFSA and the CSS profile.

Transfermer said...

Yes, you can email it to us, but we can't put a lot of stock in it. You may change your mind by summer, or the course could be cancelled. Still, it would be nice for us to know.

Yes, if you would like to send a mid-term report, it would be best to have it arrive by April 1.

All of this information goes to student financial services. PLEASE don't ignore it. The tax return transcripts are an essential part of the financial aid review process.

Tatiana said...

Is there any way to know if UVA has received my midterm report?


Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, we don't verify receipt of documents that are not required.

Unknown said...

Good day!

My college transfer advisor told me that the midterm report was required for competitive transfers. Is this true? I’ve read that it’s optional, but they said it’s required— just want to get a verification as to whether or not my advisor is right.

AxeCapital said...


it says right here on the blog that the midterm report is recommended, not required

Unknown said...


Thank you for the response; I appreciate it, and I’ve actually seen the requirements on the sidebar. I’m just concerned because my college’s transfer advisor emailed the entire student body saying that midterm reports were required for competitive (not guaranteed) transfers. I’m transferring from the VCCS, and I was worried that there were requirements unique to applicants from my college that I did not know about. The email was a bit misleading. Thanks for the information, though.

Transfermer said...

I'm sorry to hear that. They are not required. That said, if you're doing well this semester, feel free to submit it.

djp09090901 said...

If I keep getting an email about how my application is incomplete but I sent my official high school transcript a while ago (most likely arrived like march 5th) what should I do? I assume it just has not been processed but I do not know.

Transfermer said...

You can email us at, but to my knowledge, we are all caught up. Be sure to double-check that it was sent to the correct address.