Monday, December 6, 2010

Spring Specifics

We received about 320 applications and 13% of applicants were admitted. The in-state/out-of-state ratio was standard at 2/3rds and 1/3rd. These are not vacancies that we have to fill, but a yearly infusion of transfers that are factored into to enrollment numbers each year. This means about 40 students were offered admission.


1811 said...

Dear Transfermer,

I have read many posts from this blog and I'm aware that I will NOT have to submit any part of the School Forms (Instructor Recommendation is optional). Although I'm quite nervous while working on my Fall 2011 Transfer App. to McIntire, so I just want to make sure I'm on track with everything that needs to be submitted. Here are my list:

1/ Completed Common App
2/ Official SAT Score
3/ Official High school's transcript
4/ Officia College's transcript
5/ Instructor Recommendation (I choose the Common App form, to be mailed directly from Instructor)

Transfermer, should there be anything else I need to submit? Thanks in advance for your time. I really appreciate it. I'll probably be back and bother you with more questions. But so you know, this blog has helped me tremendously and I'm so thankful I found it! Thanks again! Stay warm! :)

Anonymous said...

for fall application 2011 do you look at fall 2010 grades and spring 2011 grades also. im a freshman at jmu.

Anonymous said...

wait do you need to send sat scores if you have 30 credits or higher earned college credit? as transfer
well im a freshman and i have 15 credits so far but im planning to get 13 credits next semester. but i earned ap calc credit which is 4 credits. so does it calculate to 32 credits overall?

Paola said...

I am in the same place as 1811. I was wondering, how much is the application fee? I can't find it anywhere

Atlas said...

I have a couple questions. I missed the Transfer Chats, and was wondering when the next ones will be? Second, I'm currently enrolled in BIO 120. I know it transfers to UVA as a BIO ELECTIVE but I can't find out if it will count towards the GA Agreement. I tried calling the Admissions Office and they directed me to this blog.

Transfermer said...

No, that should be it. Just remember that we can't do anything until you submit all THREE parts of the Common Application. That is the Basic, the Supplement and the $60 application fee.

JMU anon,

We review everyone with what we have at the time of review. That is Fall 2010 grades. If you are waitlisted, we will then look at Spring 2011 grades.

SAT anon,

The SAT or ACT is required. Please see our website for this information.

Transfermer said...

We will likely only have one transfer chat in mid-late February. It will be announced on the blog. This bio course will count towards the agreement.

Jeff B. said...

I have a couple questions regarding transferring to UVA.

1.I have been out of high school for 13 yrs and will have 60 credits from NVCC. According to what I've read i will not be required to submit a SAT score, correct?

2.To transfer to College of A&S you must have intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. I will have both 100 level courses completed but not the 200 level. I know this doesn't preclude me from admittance but how much does that count against me. I will have a 3.95 GPA will that help and allow me to finish the F.L. requirements at UVA?

3. I've looked online but have not been able to locate any transfer events in Northern Virginia. Do you have any info on an event being held at Northern Va. Comm. College or in the area?

Thanks for any help.

DRIVEN!! said...

Dear Transfermer,

I am a NVCC student following the general admission requirement agreement for virginia. The good thing is that i falls perfectly with my pre reqs for optometry school. But the problem is that I do not wish to study in community college for two years. I have planed out my next two semesters ( summer and fall) and will finish the rest of my credits the following spring and summer. The agreement does not accept summer courses being that they're not full sixteen week sessions. What are my chances of being accepted i will take the SAT an ACT both this summer.

Anonymous said...

One quick question transferring into SEAS. I took the first semester of freshman English at Virginia Tech but have considered taking a CLEP test to place out of the second course. I understand that UVA doesn't accept CLEP credit. How would taking the test as opposed to the course affect me as far as meeting engineering transfer requirements?

Atlas said...

Dear Transfermer,

I had some more questions. If I get accepted into UVA then I will be seeking to get into the Political and Social Thought major. Based on what I've read there are some prerequisite courses that I will need to take. Here's my question though, when I look through the prerequisite courses, each had a 4-digit identifying number (e.x. PHIL 3710). When I look at the VCCS course equivalencies, all of the courses match up with a UVA course that is only identified with 3 digits (GFAP 101). Does this mean that if the UVA course is identified with a 4-digit number, that there are no VCCS equivalent courses? Or is there some other way to find the vccs equivalent of a given UVA course? Thank you for your time.

KMA said...

This has nothing to do with the blog entry but..
On the common app. writing portion there is a spot which says
"Additional Information
Include any additional information that you would like to provide regarding special circumstances, additional qualifications, etc."
I was wondering if I could upload a resume instead of writing a paragraph?

Transfermer said...

Jeff B,
1)You do not need to submit the SAT or ACT UNLESS you are planning to apply for the Guaranteed Agreement (GAA). This is required for all GAA applicants.
2)This is a good start on the foreign language. The more courses you have completed the more competitive a student you will be in the process.
3)We do not travel in the spring for we use this time to read 25,000 first-year and transfer applications.

We do accept summer courses.

SEAS Anon,
If you took the CLEP you would still have only completed the first half of the English composition requirement.

This simply means that the particular database in question has not been updated.

The activities listing above the “Additional Information” section is like a resume. If you feel it doesn’t give you enough space, you may attach a resume, but because we don’t ask for it, we can’t promise that it will be read.

If you have extensive personal questions, please feel free to call or email our office.

Austin said...

What will happen to my application if I don't meet one of the required courses to transfer?

KMA said...

On the supplemental application for one of the transfer essay which is suppose to be one page, is it one page double spaced or single spaced?

Kim said...

I'm applying for admission to UVA as a transfer into CAS for fall '12. Whether or not I'm admitted, I'd like to get started on my foreign language requirement this summer. If admitted, would I still be allowed to take the 101 and 102 levels of a language this summer? I read somewhere that once matriculated, you have to take the rest of your courses at UVA.