Monday, April 29, 2013


I am so ecstatic because this is the first year we have not had rude or frankly, down-right ugly comments after the release of decisions.  The theme for your year must be civility.  You’ve asked some great follow-up questions.  I will either answer them here, or amend the blogposts from Friday. Some answers will go into the commentary.  Thank you for your calm and collected comments! It makes our job much easier. 

There are just over 500 applicants on the wait-list, but it is further divided by the schools to which you applied. Applicants on the wait-list are not ranked. We will not pick you off at random.  We will go in and review everyone who elects to stay on the wait list and sends final grades to us. The number of students we can take depends on the number of students who say yes to us.  But, we built in a little cushion, meaning, we do waitlist with the hopes of getting great spring grades from you.  Depending upon the year, we’ll take 60-80 students off the wait-list. We WILL take someone off the waitlist. 

We usually email (sometimes call) these student students with the decision and you’ll have 48 hours to say yes or no. This is more of a rolling process. We’ll announce it on the blog when we begin to make decisions and then we’ll email you once the waitlist has closed.
You may send a letter or email of continued interest or write to tell us of any new updates. You are welcome to send additional letters of recommendation, but you should only send them if they add new information.  No more than two please.

If you're going to make comments on this blog, please don't be anonymous.  It's hard to know who is who when more than ten of your are anonymous. 

UPDATE: The first batch of financial aid awards will be released on Thursday, May 2.  These can also be found online and only online.  Please check your to-do list to see if additional documents are needed  in order to complete your application.  As it stands now, they will release only on Thursdays.  I'll let you know if there is any more information. 


Tae Kim said...

I was just about to call the office to ask a few questions, and you just solved them, thank you. I just have one question so far. If I understood right, I am allowed to send a new test score like TOEFL. Is it correct? I appreciate and thank you for your quick post for frequently asked questions and.

Anna said...

First, thank you for these posts, they really have helped me understand the waiting list process. I do have one question, I am planning on sending in another letter of recommendation, does it necessarily need to be from a professor? Thank you!

So Hee said...

Hello. I have been admitted to UVA!! I wanted to ask whether I am only allowed to click on the Accept button on the acceptance letter page only once? I wanted to see whether the deposit is payable by my debit card. Thank you!

Poor college student said...

Transformer, I was accepted, but I was wondering when will financial aid release the information regarding finaid awards? I am an independent student and I have to somewhat know what I will be getting before making a decision whether I can attend uva. any advice wil be helpful. lThank you!

Transfermer said...

Tae Kim,
Yes, you can send a new TOEFL score.

Thank you for reading! No, it doesn’t have to be from a professor.

So Hee,
Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this, but if you click it and then come back to pay later, it will be there waiting for you.

Poor college student,
The first batch of financial aid awards will go out tomorrow, May 2. Please keep an eye on your to-do list to see if anything else is needed from Student Financial Services.

eric jee said...

Hi, first i would like to say thank you for your help and kind words. i just have a quick quesiton.
What average of final grades are you expecting to receive from the waitlists? i know you want to see "good grades" but i want to know something more comprehensive.
I am taking 21 credits and let say I got A,A,A,A-,B+,and B, with term gpa 3.7 and overall gpa dropped from 3.9 to 3.8 which i think is still good.
Do you think I can actually expect to hear positive words from you at this point? And do you consciously put some sense of forgiveness into my bad grades because im having a rigorous schedule?

Thank you

Chelsea said...

So Hee,

I hope you see my reply..
I also got accepted into UVA as a transfer.
I would like to know if you are looking for a roommate.
Please let me know.
You can either email me at, or friend me on Facebook, Chelsea Seohui Choe.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...


Katie O said...

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions and give us some peace of mind. Could you give me a ballpark estimate of how many transfers you will accept into the college of arts and sciences this year? Also, I have not yet taken finals and therefore do not have my final grades. Will this affect my decision?

Transfermer said...

Eric jee,
There are no average grades. We want you to perform as well as you did in the past or even better. Your grades aren’t bad. We’re looking for a dramatic change. If you earned 2 or 3 Cs this term , and had a pretty flawless record before now, we might be concerned.

Chelsea et al,
We are not fans of solicitation on the blog.

Katie O,
I take it you are on the waitlist. We don’t yet know how many students we’ll take, but typically, its 60-80 on the whole and most of those are for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Tae Kim said...

Dear Transfermer,
I am currently taking 3 classes. If I get an A from 2 classes and a C from one class, would it lower my chance to be removed from the wait list?
Thank you,
Tae Kim

Karen O said...

Any idea of when the next financial aid batch will go out? I would love to know before decision deadline if I will be able to attend or not :/.

Sahand said...

Dear Transfermer
just one question,
is there any chance of getting into business school?
has anyone ever gotten in from waiting list?

Fabian said...


I was just wondering if there would be any benefit to a recommendation from an employer?

I have already sent in some professor recommendations, but I have worked for someone for about 2 years and they are happy to write a recommendation for me.

The form on the commonapp website is for professors only, so I was wondering if that is because admissions does not want recommendations from employers?

Transfermer said...

Tae Kim,
Unfortunately, it probably will affect your chances.

Karen O,
There should be another batch going out tomorrow.

Yes, people have gotten in off the Commerce wait list in the past.

No need to send a professional recommendation. A note of continued interest from you and your newest transcript will be sufficient enough.

Jess said...

I was just wondering how much recommendations from people at UVA could help in your chances to get in? I know some pretty distinguished people there, but dont want to bother them if there isnt a point.

Anonymous said...

I got accepted into UVA, but this semester has been tough for me. I got 3 As, 1 B, and 1 C (my first and only C). My GPA dropped from a 3.9 to 3.8. Would my admission be revoked because of that?

Transfermer said...

We’re not looking for recommendations from people at UVA or alumni.

Anon with a C,
No, your admission will likely not be rescinded.

S said...


I got accepted into UVA under GAA.
This semester, I got all A but one D (my first and only D), but my GPA is still higher than 3.4
Would my admission be revoked because of that?

Evan said...

Dear Transfermer,

I have been wait listed and have submitted my spring grades. I was wondering when we should expect to hear back from admissions? Will we be contacted through the sis as well?

Thanks in advance,


Transfermer said...

I won’t say yes and I won’t say no. Please write to the general admissions address as soon as possible. Explain what happened with the course and how this semester was different from others.

We’ll begin to release waves of decisions over email beginning in early June. We’ll announce it on the blog when they begin going out. If you get the email, your SIS account status will change and you would then be able to pay the $400 tuition deposit.

Sahand said...

I know that you can not get into details about waiting list for each school, but this is a general question: is there any room in business school? or the class is full?

Transfermer said...

The commerce class is nearly full.

Tae Kim said...

How many students do you expect to be removed from the waitlist for the commerce school when it is nearly full?

Transfermer said...

I don't have specifics Tae Kim, but because it's a small class, it will be a small number.

newWahoo said...


At my community college I earned a B in a class required for my engineering major. Though a B isn't bad, I feel that I didn't learn the material as well as I need for the classes that will build upon it. Am I allowed to re-take the class in my first semester at UVA?

newWahoo said...


At my community college I earned a B in a class required for my engineering major. Though a B isn't bad, I feel that I didn't learn the material as well as I need for the classes that will build upon it. Am I allowed to re-take the class in my first semester at UVA?