Friday, April 29, 2016

Not Offered Admission?

This is obviously not the decision you were looking for when you set out on this journey.  We wish we could admit all of the wonderful applicants who have applied.  The reality is that we only have so much space, making admission highly selective.  We want you to be proud of your accomplishments and proud of the fact that you stuck your neck out and applied to transfer from your world to a whole other world. Even that is an accomplishment. This decision is not a declaration of your personal worth or who you are.  We trust that you have other options and hope you can find peace in that next step.
We do not have an appeals process, but depending upon the length of time you’ve been in college and your desired UVa school, you may be able to apply again in the future. You’ll need to complete a new application. Spring 2017 applications (available beginning on August 1) will be due October 1. Again, this might not be open to your school of interest.  If you post here, please be considerate and supportive of each other’s feelings, emotions, reactions and the like. We will delete any inappropriate commentary. We wish you the best of luck wherever this decision may take you.


Unknown said...

Denied :'(

But it's okay. This year was more of a test run for me. And I knew the outcome from the start. I'm glad I applied though, I learned SO MUCH and made awesome friends along the way; some of which were accepted and am super happy for them (means I can come visit them and eat at Bodo's haha)

I'm going to work very hard for the next year and make sure I become a 'Hoo in 2017!

Expect to see me here again for spring 2017 or fall 2017! Best of luck to everyone! Never give up :-)

And THANK YOU, Transfermer for keeping us updated. It truly makes the process less painful and honestly much more fun and interesting. Your work is truly appreciated.

"if you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light" ~ L.G.

Not giving up :)

Al Castro said...

Aw sorry Fredy, I read the comments sometimes and I see you have lots of determination. I was secretly rooting for you to be accepted. I'm sure 2017 is your year. Goodluck man!

Unknown said...

Al Castro,

Thank you so much! Truly appreciate the cheering for me. But things happen for a reason and I'm going to accept this rejection in honor and remain hopeful about my chances next year. I still love UVA. Did you apply/get in? :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Throughout my life, I've used rejection to gauge someone's character. When people reach a low, their instincts emerge. After reading your posts, it's apparent to me, that your spirit and determination precedes you. I wish you well, and maybe I'll see you on campus. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was also denied, but I was accepted to another one of my choices. However, UVA is still my number one, so I am considering passing up the offer and remaining at my current institution in order to reapply to UVA next year. My grades in high school/standardized testing were somewhat shaky and I suspect that they are holding me back because I only have one year of college experience. If I continue on my current route (3.9, good standing, student involvement, volunteer hours), I am wondering how big of a difference one and a half semesters more worth of college might make to the admissions office by next year in light of my high school career?

p.s. Stay strong Fredy. You've got this next year!


Unknown said...

Benjamín, THANK YOU! Wow. I'm on my way to work when I read your kind words and they truly made my day. I think it's a testament of the kind of students that attend UVA. God Bless.

Frankie, thank you as well! Gosh, I knew UVA students were pretty cool but not this cool lol. Thanks a thousand times. Can't wait for next year :-)

Al Castro said...

Yes Fredy I was accepted, thanks for asking. Hopefully I see you on campus one day! Keep up the hardwork and determination.

Unknown said...

That's a definite! :-)

Good luck with everything and thanks once again!

John said...

Unfortunately, I too got denied, and I was a legacy applicant. Is there any way that I could speak to someone in admissions to see what exactly "went wrong" or what the deciding factor was? I'm not looking for a sugar coated answer, I'd much prefer brass tax.

Transfermer said...

Thanks for being so supportive of each other all!
Just to recap, our average GPA is 3.4. Truly, we are looking for A/B students who have SHOWN they can do the work. They haven’t just SAID they can do the work. Their transcripts show top-notch grades. Transferring anywhere is tough, and if you can’t earn strong grades at your previous institution, we don’t want to set you up for disappointment here at UVa. We also look at your high school records, especially if you’ve graduated from high school recently. This is often the line between many rising second-years who have good grades in one semester in college. We can’t generalize, because of course, there are many factors, but it mostly comes down to grades, coursework and your ability to communicate effectively through your essays and/or test scores.

This could make a big difference. Keep on working towards those transfer course requirements. Keep up the good work!

I'm sorry you didn't get the decision you were hoping for. You are welcome to call our office, but hopefully, the note above addresses your questions. I should also note that McIntire, Engineering, Nursing and Architecture have fewer spots and are a little tougher to get into than the College of Arts and Sciences.

John said...

I appreciate the feedback, but it does not answer my questions. I'm the kind of individual that needs to know how everything works; I'm passionately curious. I feel as though your response was much more macro oriented, and to be completely honest I'm looking for a micro response respective of my individual application. I will take your advice and contact your office. Thank you for taking the time out your day to respond. I sincerely appreciate it.