Friday, April 29, 2016

Have you been placed on the waiting list?

You can use this post as a space to make comments or ask questions about the wait list.

If you are interested in staying on the waiting list, please make sure you click the button labeled “remain on the wait list.”  If you don’t do this, we will not review your file again in the future. Once you’ve clicked it, that does the trick.  This page stays the same after you click the button in case you change your mind at a later date. So, if you change your mind and want to leave the waiting list, please come back and decline the spot.

After the admissions deposit deadline of May 15, we’ll begin to look to see how many students we can take off the waiting list.  These numbers vary from year to year and unfortunately, it can be a long process. We won’t make any decisions on May 16th.  There is a bit of a wait. Why? Because we have to wait for your final exams to end, and for you to send us updated grades. We hope to make our decisions by the end of June however. Offers are usually made in waves.

How do we make these decisions?  We absolutely need to see your transcripts listing your spring 2016 grades.  In short, send us your final transcript. Trust me. If you want us to look at your file again, send it along.  You’ll want to do this, but only after your exams are completed and ALL of your grades are posted.  You’d be surprised how many people send us blank transcripts. To send this transcript, please use the same address that appears on the right panel of this blog. Ideally, you would want to get these to us by the first week of June, but there is still time after that period. We know there can be extenuating circumstances. If you were not taking classes this spring, feel free to send a note/email/letter of continued interest to

If your grades are strong, this may help you earn the offer, but we can’t offer to everyone from the wait list, so we’ll be looking at the strongest candidates.  If you earned poor grades this past spring, it would be difficult for us to admit you.

The waiting list is divided by school – Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Batten, Commerce, Kinesiology.  So, you are only on a waiting list for that particular program.  It is not ranked, and it is only made up of students who elected to remain on the waiting list.  That’s why we can’t give a firm number of right now.  It seems to be, historically, that 20% of the applicants are offered a spot on the wait list, but not everyone stays.

If you are offered admission from the waiting list and need financial aid information in order to make your decision, we will do our best to help you with this.  If you post here, please be considerate of each other’s feelings, emotions, reactions and the like. We will delete any inappropriate commentary. Good luck all!


Matt said...

hello, I was a VCCS student placed on the wait list. I am wondering if VCCS students are competing at the same level as 4-year university students on the wait list or are they give priority? Also who can I send a letter of continued interest to?


Andrew said...

Hi, I am honored to have been offered a spot on the waitlist. I understand a final transcript is required, but what else do you recommend applicants to submit? I am extremely interested and have heard of previous students submitting essays of continued interest. Is that something that is suggested? Thank you for all your time and effort put into this blog!

Transfermer said...

Virginia residents are given a slight advantage over out-of-state students, but that’s it. You reminded me to add in our email address in the post above. If you want to write a note of continued interest, please direct your email to

We’re not interested in more essays or recommendations, but you can write to us a note as I mentioned above, if you like.

Unknown said...

Hey! I got placed on the wait list which is a step up from my outright rejection last year! I think that is proof that the admissions team acknowledged my efforts to continuously improve. Anyways, I have submitted a letter of interest via email and have secured two additional letters of recommendation. Apart from these things and submitting my final transcript, is there anything else we can do or should do to maximize our chances? I have heard that some do call in to speak with a dean. Is this advisable and would it help our chances?

Thank you again for this opportunity to prove my readiness for and worthiness of UVA!

Transfermer said...

Thanks Charles. Calling in is the same as sending a letter of continued interest.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the answer, Transfermer! I hope my email, final grades, and extra recommendations (I see now that you aren't expecting more of these) will prove my continued efforts to improve myself in order to live up to the aademic demands of UVA.

Unknown said...

Today is the end of the second week in June! Good luck, everyone!