Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Transfer Open House

We often get questions about specific open houses for those who are interested in transferring. We typically have these twice a year. The first for this school year will be on Friday, November 12. You must register and you can do that here:
Make sure you click "Transfer" and that will give you the option to register for the Nov 12 session that starts in the Newcomb Hall Theater.

The program will have three parts:
10:00am -10:45am: Transfer Information Session (tentative student panel planned)
10:45am - Noon: Walking Tour of Grounds
12:15pm - 1:00pm: Individual School Sessions

In the individual school sessions, you'll have the ability to visit the Architecture, Engineering, Education and Commerce schools. A session for the College of Arts and Sciences will take place in the Newcomb Hall Theater.

We encourage you to have lunch on grounds and visit classes on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Check out the Open Class List for a listing of available courses.

We hope to see you on the 12th!


Casey Nealy said...

I am applying as applicant for spring 2011. I am applying for instate tuition. I noticed on the website it says Supporting documents for in-state privileges is required. What exactly would these documents be? Is it just the UVA supplement on the common app or are their other docs?
Second question being a spring transfer applicants do I have to send in course descriptions for the courses I am currently taking to or is that only for fall transfer students? Thanks!

Transfermer said...


Usually, the Office of Virginia Status will contact you if supporting documents are necessary. A transfer is a transfer is a transfer so to speak... so, both spring and fall applicants should send in course descriptions.

uvahopeful2011 said...

How will we find out if we are accepted or rejected? Will it be via mail or online?


Hope Springs (Transfer) Eternal said...

Some questions and a comment regarding spring transfer. What is the average gpa for an admitted spring transfer student? What are the most important criteria considered for spring transfers? Does UVA count "contacts" such as attendance at the Fall Transfer Open House in deciding transfer admissions? Regarding my comment, given that the College Official's Report and the Secondary School Report and the Mid Year Report are not required and the acceptance rate for spring transfers appears to be between 13-20%, it may be appropriate to update or revise the Transfer Students FAQs to reflect the differnece between spring and fall transfers.

Atlas said...

Just some questions I couldn't find or get answers for. Under the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement, it says that I need 12 credit hours in Natural Science and Mathematics. I know that BIO 120 (Zoology) and BIO 110 (Botany) transfer to UVA, but would they meet this requirement on the agreement? Thank you!

Jason said...

I applied for Spring 2011, and I received my conformation from Common App that my application was submitted, however I haven't received any conformation from UVA. I hope all my materials are in, however if their was any mix-up I'm nervous I won't find out until its too late. Is this the case?

Transfermer said...

We will send letters and you’ll be able to see your decision from your student self-service page.

Hope springs,
The average GPA of an admitted spring transfer is 3.6. Strong high school and strong college work are important for spring. You have to be able to show(through a strong record) that you can quickly make a transition from your school in mid-December to UVA in mid-January. We do not log interest, so if you come to the Open House, it will not have an impact on your admissions decision/file.

Yes, these courses will qualify under the science requirement.

Did you submit the basic application, the supplement and the application fee? Did you receive information about your SIS account?

Amanda B said...

I also did not receive information about my SIS account. However, my same username and password work from the last time I applied.

I noticed that my to do list has no record of my high school and university transcript, that I sent on time. Even more strange, it is also requesting that I send transcript from my comm college that I am attending now...I did not send one because this is my first semester there, and I have not completed any I have no grades. Should I send a transcript from my comm college anyway? Wouldnt it just be blank? I sent the mid term report with my grades and teachers's signitures, I figured that would be the best document to produce for my comm college considering I cant produce an official transcript from that school.

Anonymous said...

What should we do if we have yet to receive an SIS account name/password? I did send the app fee, supplement, and received a conformation from the common app website.

Transfermer said...

Amanda B (and anyone who has applied in the past),

You found the answer. If you applied in the past, you won’t get an initial email from SIS. Your old username/password should work, but I would check in with SIS help desk and I’m told that they’ll send you a new confirmation email. They can be reached at or 434-924-HELP. The system is automatically set to request your transcript because you indicated that you are attending this school. It would be best to send a “blank” transcript, but you may also email to see if this could be removed from your to-do list. As long as you listed your current courses on your application this will help with the review process.

SomeRichmonder said...

I will be applying to the engineering school as a non-traditional second bachelor's candidate. I will not qualify under the articulation agreement given that the bulk of courses will transfer from another 4-year university, though I intend to earn the AAS from VCCS anyway and my GPA should be approximately 3.5. My question is: Should I worry about students without a previous B.S. who qualify under the articulation agreement decreasing my chances of admission? What was the average GPA for an admitted transfer student to the engineering school for Fall 2010 and how many of those students qualified under the articulation agreement exactly? Any help is appreciated.

Transfermer said...

Dear SomeRichmonder,
While it is true that we haven’t made more spots available because we are using the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, the numbers are not at a point where the chances of other applicants are being diminished. Now granted, if you have the agreement, your personal chances are 100% and if you don’t your chances are closer to 30%. The average GPA of an admitted Engineering transfer was 3.6 and a handful of students qualified for the agreement. I do not have exact numbers.

Future optometrist 91 said...

hi my name is dario!

i was considering transferring to UVA next year. the only problem i am having is i can not find the typical courses that bio student takes. I am aware that the school of arts and science is selective, so a course guide would be helpful. I am a nvcc student.