Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't let this be you

As we near the application deadline and you get excited about applying to your transfer school(s), remember that we (UVA) only take students for the College of Arts and Sciences and Architectural History in January. For those interested in Commerce, Engineering, etc, you'll have to wait until March 1 for the Fall semester deadline. Hopefully, this will alleviate some confusion on your end and extra work (in contacting you) on our end.


Atlas said...

Hello, I just had some questions about transfering to UVA under the GAA. I'm currently a full time VCCS Student in my first semester and have a few questions about what classes I should take:

According to the agreement, I need 12 transferable credits in Natural Science and Mathematics, would Meteorology (NAS 125) count towards this requirement?

Also, it says that I need one class (3 credit hours) in Non-Western Perspective. Would History of World Civilization I (HIS 111) meet this requirement?


Atlas said...

Forgot some questions.

As I mentioned, I'm currently in my first semester, and plan to start at UVA in Fall 2012. What do I have to do next year to get the process of transfering under the GAA going? What paperwork do I fill out, what forms do I get?

I saw an earlier post of yours saying how we needed to have our SAT scores. When you're transfering under the GAA, do your SAT scores affect your acceptance as a transfer student?

What about High School Transcripts? In High School I was mostly a B student with a few C's and A's here and there. However, so far I've been an A student in VCCS. I'm planning to keep my 4.0 but I refuse to go anywhere below a 3.7. My question is this, when transfering under the GAA, can your High School grades disqualify you regardless of how good your VCCS GPA is?

When transfering under the GAA, the minimum GPA is a 3.4 for guarenteed acceptance, correct?

Thanks again!

Hanry said...

Atlas, if you go to http://saz-webdmz.eservices.virginia.edu/asequivs/ its a transfer credit evaluator that tells you the equivalents from the VCCS system to UVA.

As for the non-western perspective, there is also a link on the transfer page, http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/docs/nonwesterncourseexamplestransfer.doc

As far as the forms are concerned, I think you merely apply and follow the instructions on the common app as a transfer student. When I spoke to admissions counselors concerning standardized tests scores they mentioned that they are considered but if you are applying under the guaranteed admissions agreement and you meet every single requirement then you should get in, guaranteed.

Atlas said...

Thank you for that link on the Non-Western Perspective classes, may I ask where you got it?

The transfer credit evaluator is very helpful, thank you. However, it doesn't tell me what classes fit into what category under the GAA. I'm wondering if classes like Meteorology and Zoology would fit under the category of natural sciences, as well as what other classes would meet that requirement. Thanks!

Transfermer said...


HIS 111 would not meet this requirement. The list of non-western perspectives can be found on our transfer admissions webpage. You do not need to fill out any pre-emptive paperwork for us. We don’t have a letter of intent. SATs are required for the GAA. They are very much used for English language ability, but other than that it is very rare that they would affect your admission. You are guaranteed if you have all of the other requirements completed. The high school transcript cannot disqualify you. 3.4 it is.