Monday, November 8, 2010

Spring Applicants: Check your Student Self-Service Page

I am sure I am preaching to the choir here, but please make sure to become familiar with your to-do list on your student self-service page. I'm told that many students are missing particular transcripts. Your to-do list will tell you which transcripts haven't been matched up to your file. Now, granted if you requested a transcript on Nov 1, it might not be in your file yet. But hopefully, it will find it's way there by the end of this week.


Ramatu said...

hello transfermer,

does a check "view decision" means that one's application has been reviewed? you might have answered this before but i could not find any post that answered my question.

p.s thank you so much for this blog.

Transfermer said...

Hi Ramatu,

That means that the file is complete, meaning it has all of it's documents.

Faith said...

sorry i am confused , but where do i go to find the student self service page? is it just what is on the common app page?

Transfermer said...

No problem Faith,
You'll want to go here to look at your account

I also wrote about Dean J writing about it in this post:

Anonymous said...

when are the decisions usually mailed out?

Anonymous said...

hi, transfermer,
are the letters usually sent out before December 1st? The thought of relocating without much notice is just making me really anxious. Thanks a lot.

Ramatu said...

Hello transfermer,

i just recently became a member of phi theta kappa at my community college,after i turned in my application for the spring semester. do you think its too late to send that information to the admission office? and does being a member of ptk improve my chances of getting in? because attending UVA has always been a dream i'm working hard to achieve.

thank you so much for your time.

Anonymous said...

hello i have a question. im currently a freshman at jmu but im applying for fall 2011. do i have to go to my old high school and ask the transcript office to send to uva? do you when the deadine is?

Transfermer said...

December 1 has been posted on our website and that is the date we hold ourselves to each time we go through the process. I will announce it here if it’s any earlier or later. I can confirm that decisions will not be out before the Thanksgiving holiday.

You can send in this information, but we can’t promise that it will be filed before review of your application is completed.

Anon from JMU,
We require the HS transcript or GED. These can be sent from you or from the HS, BUT the transcript must be official. The deadline for Fall 2011 is March 1, 2011.
I'd recommend getting this transcript yourself or have it mailed during your free time over the December/January holiday.

Thankful said...

First, thank you for your blog and we hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Can you share how many applications you received for spring 2011 transfer? Also, does UVA re-calculate HS GPA's or take them as is from the HS? I ask because our school system increased the value of Honors and AP classes but only in the last year. Thank you for any information.

Anonymous said...

im applyng for fall 2011...i was wondering i used common app...and we don't need midterm report, college official report, and secondary school report? it was located on fyi in the blog. I was just making to make sure. So all we need from common app is the instructor evaluation. How many can you have? Are we only allowed one instructor evaluation? or can we have 2? does your SAT matter or your college GPA? cuz i have a low SAT score and i was rejected last year

Anonymous said...

hello. i took the sat 3 times and my average score of the best three combined was 1550. :(. Should i not try to apply because 1550 is automatic rejection. But what if i kept my gpa in college up to 3.7? Im not a good test taker. I applyed last year and got rejected. I knew it anyways. But at least i tried. In college im involved in many activities.

Transfermer said...

Dear Anonymousi,
In future, please come up with a name for yourselves. When the blog becomes busier in the spring, it can be hard to keep track of your question and our answer. To answer the question about testing, we look at individual sections, so 1550 doesn’t give us much information. I would suggest you call/email the office to ask this inquiry. Also, you could consider taking the TOEFL if English is not your first language.