Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please note that the person managing this blog is currently away from the office due to an unexpected emergency. There have been a number of questions regarding the end of waitlist activity. At this time, the waitlist has not been released and will not likely be completed until mid-July. If you have further questions at this time, please direct them to the office of admission at 434-982-3200. Thank you for your continued interest in attending the University of Virginia and have a nice week.


Amanda E. Bick said...

Well I do have to say I am a bit releived this is going to be a longer process, this gives U.Va more time to send me that special email :)

ps I really hope everything turns out well for that emergency he is having.

The hope still lives said...

@ Amanda

I presume you are taking a jab at sarcasm. What better way to express our intense displeasure with extension of the waitlist than with sarcasm. Let me give it a try: May be UVA is trying to see how we react under extreme pressure and stress, so they can evaluate us holisticaly; it is part of the process.

Anonymous said...

@the hope

you sound as if you're owed something.

Amanda E. Bick said...

@ The hope still lives

I am sorry for the miscommunication, but I was not taking a "jab at sarcasm." In fact, I was being serious. I have not received a letter of acceptance, and I am still hoping to receive one. I have no idea if it is a "part of the process," but I do know that I try my best to stay positive and keep the other bloggers positive as well-this is made very clear from my comments on the last few posts.

Anyhow, I am still keeping the hope alive, and I'm glad to see you are too.

Grendel said...

@ Amanda E. B.
You must be young, as I have not encountered optimism like that since childhood. Bless you, my dear, for it has been said that "tedium is the worst pain." Keep your hope, deary.

@The hope
I'm with you, my friend. They are UVa, which sadly means they can do nearly anything they want. They currently have about 400 student gripped ever so firmly by their scrotums, and only intend to squeeze harder until they kindly drop us a "no thanks." Poor pity Grendel just wants this process to be over so he can get on with his sad little life. ---The way I look at it, I'm going to do great things regardless, and I just hope UVa doesn't beat themselves up over not taking me in the years to come. With any luck, some other well-respected (and decently prompt) university will accept me, and educate me to my full potential.

@ Anonymous
How does she sound that way? I simply interpreted her comment as the result of being shoved around by the admissions office. If she's perturbed, it is only right.

The Abominable Apple Thrower (poor Unferth, the murderous idiot)

Anonymous said...

your gimmick is awful.

Anonymous said...

It would be historic if they let us know about the waitlist on 4th of July—Independence day, one of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishements in addition to establishing the Univeristy of Virginia.

food for a thought

Anonymous said...


i think you ought to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you. they're going through the wait list as fast as they can. no amount of whining will change that.

if you came off as verbose and condescending in your application as you do in your blog posts, i'm not surprised that you were waitlisted.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon
When did Grendel claim that the World revolve around him. If he did it would be factually inaccurate. Otherwise, he is entitled to express his frustrations to the best of his abilities.

Grendel said...

Huzzah! Thank you most recent anonymous individual! I AM entitled to express my frustrations on here. There are many things to be considered if I do or don't get admitted, so time is precious. Thank you!
--Furthermore, penultimate, hateful anonymous, you should read me (Grendel, the novel). While I never claimed the world revolved around me on this blog, I do claim it in the novel (it's by John Gardner). In the story, I'm a bit of an existentialist -a nihilist even. Soooo, in my perspective, the world does (figuratively) revolve around me. Now, I'm sure that you'll have something else hateful and mean to say to me since I retorted respectfully and intelligently, but regardless, I wish you the best of luck getting in.

P.s. If you're not working this summer, or aren't staying busy, you should read! It does the mind so much good!


Twihard--j/k said...

Why are you you hating on Grendel? I understand the frustration, and don't think it will help us to bicker at anyone. Plus, I kind of like the 'gimmick.' Don't be mad because you're just another anonymous posting on here and he's actually decided to do something neat. Whatever. I like him.

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Jessee said...

Looks like someone drank some haterade this morning. lol

Grendel, you're nerdy as a mother, but I'm a literature person, and I dig your gimmick.

Anonymous said...

being frustrated is understandable. implying that the admissions deans are leading you on or purposely dragging out this process just to frustrate you is petulant.

i apologize for being brusque with you, but your tone is abrasive to someone who was denied admission twice and took it in stride. believe me that being denied was never convenient and i always felt that my time was "precious," but i would have killed to be in your position as a high school senior or 1st year transfer. if i hadn't been accepted this time around, i would have been satisfied just to be considered for the wait list. i visited UVA several times and admissions deans there are among some of the most pleasant university employees i've met on any college campus. i'd imagine that the admissions office is especially busy right now dealing with 1st year orientation and reviewing hundreds of wait listed transfer applications. to say that these people haven't sent you a decision yet, one way or the other, out of laziness or spite is disrespectful and ungrateful considering that they were nice enough to place you on the wait list to begin with.

if this ordeal is really inconveniencing you that badly, then you should do yourself a favor and leave the wait list. that way, the process would be slightly faster for those with more patience than you.

Roger said...

I'm just wondering, did those of you still on the waitlist send in an earnest letter of interest? I sent in a letter, spring grades, and another recommendation and I was accepted from the waitlist. If you havn't done so, it might not be too late...

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Amanda E. Bick said...

@ Roger

I did e-mail a letter of interest to the transfer office of admission and a personal letter of interest to an admission officer. I also sent my updated transcript and two letters of recommendation...i wish there was something else I could do to show them how bad I want this. I feel as if I have tried everything I could...

Anonymous said...

Soooo, since june 30th, has anyone recieved a letter of acceptance?

Anonymous said...

No, I haven't received anything yet

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to give up guys, and move on. Instead, approach the school that you attend or will attend with the same drive and you will be successful. You can go far in life no matter the school as long as you have passion and apply yourself to whatever you're doing.

Plus, there's always graduate school (or for some of you, next year).

Anonymous said...

has anyone received a housing offer?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me out in trying to figure out what would help me increase the chances of getting accepted to UVa. I'm currently finishing up my freshmen year at a Florida University.
*3.4 GPA (went down because I missed a final, leaving me with a C- for Cal)
However, most likely will be up to a 3.5 by end of Fall 2009. (which still sucks but it happens).
*Relatively active:
*NSCS member
*Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity
*Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society qualifier but denied it
*Dean's list for two semesters
*Volunteer at Florida's Capitol Museum
*Outloud Magazine/newspaper staff writer
*Currently on Scholarship
*Might intern at Attorney General's office
*Currently working

High School- had ok grades, but nothing really stands out. Just enough to get me and in-state scholarship. Was fairly involved in clubs & sports, but nothing major.

I am looking for what my chances are and what I can do to improve them. I know the GPA is kind of low, but the Cal was almost unpredictable as it was a last min thing that I could not make the final, but it's really weighing down my GPA.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but if you're out of state you're a long shot with that gpa.

Ana said...

Hi everyone,

I spoke to the Admissions office yesterday. Everyone on the waitlist still has a chance. They said they will probably finish making decisions around the 17th but that they will finish the 31 at the latest.

Good luck to all.

Transfermer said...

This is transfermer, back in action.

7/13 Anon with all of the stats,
Welcome to the blog. One of the unwritten rules is to not try and "chance yourself" on here. We do not have a formula and everyone is different. If you have questions about our process, please call our office.

I'm not sure who told you that, but those dates are very specific and I fear giving those just sets you up for even more anxiety. We hope to make our final decisions and close the wait list next week. Transfer orientation is coming up and that acts as an important deadline for us.

As always, I will announce it hear when the process is completed.

Anonymous said...

I know I am not the only person who thinks that this process is a frustration, but it's a necessary evil nonetheless. Waking up everyday wondering where the next year of my life will be spent, realizing at the current moment that I am not in control is rather depressing. But, like the other bloggers, I am very optimistic and if this were any other school, I'd be over them. But c'mon..its UVA!! Among the top three education programs in the country, awesome people and the finances to help those who might not be able to pay?? What an incredible institution!!!

BitterandAwareofit said...


I understand YOU are not the one over this process at UVA, but there are some of us waiting that need to figure out housing situations. For God's sake, WE NEED TO KNOW. The process was dragged out 1and 1/2 months longer than anticipated. I either have to renew a lease or not renew a lease for a year at my current home. --Does UVA not consider such things? Do they think that all prospective student's have a parents' home to go to somewhere out in the suburbs? I am not directing this at you, as I understand this is not your fault, but you can inform your colleagues that they will surely receive some letters about extending this process too long. --And, if I can't figure something out, they'll be getting one about how UVA not only causes relentless stress, but homelessness.


Roger that said...


I am actuely aware of your extenuating circumstances. And i surely am not going to tell you to chill out, because you are being pragmatic and voicing your concerns. Hopefully, the admission office will heed to your concerns and try to mitigate the impact of extending the waitlist on future generations.I kinda like your appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of your reasonably objective intentions like TJ in the Declaration.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE...This university is not worth the wait! It is a state university, taking a majority of in-state students, and although it's reputation is good, it's certainly not an ivy! Let's remember who we are as individuals. Attending this university does not guarantee you a lifetime of success. I've decided to end this process and attend another school. Good luck to those of you who still remain hopeful!

patriot17 said...

i think i'm throwing in the towel as well. I almost lost my financial aid award at my current school because this process has dragged on for so long. And even if we are accepted at the eleventh hour, what kind of classes will be available to us? will we have the option of housing? will we even have enough preparation time? I don't blame any of us for feeling frustrated; this process has become a circus and it is starting to take the patience of a saint to remain on this waitlist. I know the allure of UVa can really be a motivator to hold on, but we all should take a second to look at what we may be sacrificing in this process. is it REALLY worth it?

Pedant said...

@ Roger

I don't think a lot of those words mean what you think they do.

HoosTheMan said...

Ahh Yes, here we have it. The comments that "U.Va isn't an Ivy" and there "not worth waiting on"..Im sorry..I myself am not on the waitlist, and I have the utmost empathy for any that still remain, and agree that this is a VERY long waitlist process and must be excruciating. However, please do not attempt to cast negative light on the University as just a "State School" and not worthy of an Ivy reputation. Go ahead and bash all you want but Stats and Numbers dont lie. U.Va is the Top Value University in the entire nation. Virginia has never claimed Ivy League status anyway. So please don't take away from current U.Va students by attempting to belittle the importance of the University and it's people. Because we all know that if you didn't think U.Va was personally good enough for you, you wouldn't have applied.

Roger that said...


My sincere apologies for causing the discrepancy in the intended meaning and the word choice. You must have a well tuned situational awareness, or a latent inhibition.
I will respectfully recognize the legitmacy of your comment.

Anonymous said...

UVA, not any ivy? Obviously! Like Anon said, it is just a state school, and not worth the long exhausting wait! Why are you, HoosTheMan, still on this blog if you're off the waitlist? Shouldn't you be picking out courses, arranging your housing, and getting ready to attend this "Top Value University?" I'm dropping out, as well. I'm realizing more each day how fortunate I am for being at Tech, a school with great football, terrific school spirit, and a wonderful community! What was I thinking?

Andy said...

Does anyone know if a letter of recommendation from a summer job would help my chances of getting in off the wait list? I am working at a financial trading firm in NYC. An admissions officer emailed me last week and told me that UVA is in the final stages of the wait list and are still considering me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Transfer student orientation sessions are this Thursday and Friday, so you'd better send it express!

Cavalier girl said...

Transfermer - I have a question about transfer credit. I have 14 credits of math and science from my community college (I was accepted under the GAA). The College of Arts and Sciences requires twelve credits, so I thought I was covered. I found out when looking at my Academic Requirements page, that only eleven of the fourteen were accepted, so I need a one credit math or science. Can you help me out? Thanks.

Amanda said...

This is a farewell fellow bloggers, i have just recieved notice that I have been removed from the waiting list. It is U.Va's lost