Monday, July 19, 2010

Wait List is Closed

It has been a long wait on both our end as well as yours, but the transfer wait list is now closed. Your SIS account should show this change today or tomorrow. And so that you have it in writing, letters will go out this week. I know this may come as a disappointment for some of you, but as many of you have said over the last few days, it will allow you to move on and make other plans for this fall. I want to thank you for your questions and assistance with your fellow bloggers. I am hopeful that the camaraderie that one often finds on here continues into the next phase.


Anonymous said...

I second that notion.

HoosTheMan said...

With language like that, no wonder they didn't accept you. Pure Classless. U.Va doesn't need people like you in it's respectable community.

Cavalier girl said...

Transfermer - I have a question about transfer credit. I have 14 credits of math and science from my community college (I was accepted under the GAA). The College of Arts and Sciences requires twelve credits, so I thought I was covered. I found out when looking at my Academic Requirements page, that only eleven of the fourteen were accepted, so I need a one credit math or science. Can you help me out? Thanks.

Transfermer said...

Cavalier girl,
You may not necessarily have been admitted under the GAA. You'll have to take another math or science course here at UVA.

jrw123 said...

Hi Transfermer,

If we're bringing a vehicle to campus, when will we be allowed to purchase parking permits? Is there a place in which we'll be allowed to park our cars in the time between arriving on move-in day and getting our permits?

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know that with this delayed process did the admission folks even look through all applicants remaining on the wait list or did they merely close to wait list to get applicants of their backs? Would be sad to see qualified applicants denied the opportunity to attend a fine academic institution.

Anonymous said...

Please accept me! I dont want to go anywhere else!

Cavalier girl said...

How do I get on the waitlist for a class? I need to make changes to the schedule that was created for me on transfer orientation day. Please let me know before Aug. 4. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We can't make schedule changes before August 4th, not even to get on a waitlist.

Brittany said...

My question is really for anyone who is familiar with the GAA with UVa. I know GAA is not available for the spring, but I'm hoping to apply for Fall 2011. Does anyone know if Section II (CAS required courses) must come from a VCCS school or can they be fulfilled with courses from a prior institution? Thank you for your help!

Glenda said...

I am just deciding to transfer to UVa and I saw this blog. I was hoping people on here can help me through the process of the application.
First, are all of these things true?

"We are on the Common App! Just fyi:
1) The College Official's Report is NOT REQUIRED
2) The Secondary School Report is NOT REQUIRED
3) The Mid Year Report is NOT REQUIRED
4) The instructor recommendation is RECOMMENEDED, but it cannot be sent through CommonApp. Please see the blog for other avenues."

Because this would save me so much extra time not having to complete all of that. And if that is true, what is the College's Official Report? Are these those school forms on the Common App?

Also, I know I may sound dumb, but all the SAT/ACT information is required to be sent from like CollegeBoard and stuff?

Thanks for all your help! I really want to get in!

WahooWah2012 said...


Yes, all of those forms are NOT required, but I would reccomend sending a professor's recomendation. All of those forms are on the Common App. As well, when you take your SAT's, there is an option to send the scores to 3 different schools. I would suggest UVA being one of those schools if you are strongly considering trying to attend. There will be essays exclusive to the University on the Common App as well, so don't worry you will have plenty of application work to do, even though the above mentioned forms aren't required by UVA. Hope this helps, and Good Luck!!! WahooWa

Not giving up said...

Hi, I was wondering if there is a limit to how many times you can apply as a transfer. I applied last fall but wasn't admitted, and I wanted to apply again for spring transfer. Would I be able to apply again in the fall as well if I don't get accepted this spring?

Transfermer said...

Not giving up,
If this is your second year in college you may apply again. We do not take rising seniors into our largest school, the College of Arts and Sciences. The rules vary by school.