Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Transcripts for Admitted Students

If you are an admitted student, and you're looking to see if we've received the transcript containing your spring grades, please look at your SIS account. We are getting a lot of calls and emails from students wanting us to check this out, but if you're admitted, you can easily tell from your To-Do List. If you have misplaced or can't remember this information, you should contact the 24-hour Help Desk at 434-924-HELP (4357) or


Duylam said...

Hello! So I just got my email saying I was accepted. I am ecstatic! But my SIS doesn't seem to be updated. It says I'm still on the waitlist. So something must be wrong - either the email or the SIS.I was wondering how can I view my financial aid award? Or how can I fix the SIS

Anonymous said...

Accepted to Architecture. I'm so happy and honored.

Leasstepmom said...

Hi just wanted to know when the last round of notifications will go out about the wait list? I am the step-mom of a wait listed student and we are literally agonizing over here--the potential student is in the Adirondaks with no internet connection so we're communicating every hour on the hour... Ha! Good luck to all those currently on the wait list...

Grendel said...


Bless you! What a wonderful mother you are! I surely hope you were given a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, because you are a true rarity.
My poor mother doesn't speak my language, so it's tough to communicate. Anyway, enough about that, I just wanted to commend you on your kindness. But you keep up the good work and the hope. With any luck, we'll all get the letters we are wishing for so that we can expand our minds and quench our thirsts for knowledge. ---Don't let the thirst become an obsession, though. I obsessed over something once, and a dragon talked to me and changed my mind. He's quite intelligent and wise, you see, and has been alive much longer than myself, so I assumed he knew better than I. Anyway, keep the hope, deary.

Poor Pity Grendel, O! O! O!
p.s. I don't think Hrothgar makes it snow.