Friday, May 1, 2015

More about Decisions

Tonight, you'll receive an email alerting you to the fact that true-blue decisions are available after 5p. Remember that in order to see your decision, you’ll have to go to your SIS account.  You received an email with these instructions when you submitted, but I will detail them again below. All decisions will be posted online, but physical letters will only go out to admitted students.

DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO ASK FOR YOUR DECISION. We never give out decisions over the phone.

Again, to view your decision online, log into your account in the UVa Student Information System (SIS) using your UVa computing ID and password.  You can access your SIS account and retrieve your password here. You need to scroll down on the page to click “View Decision” to see your decision. Please do not overwhelm the system by opening multiple windows. Take your time and use one window. We (in undergraduate admission) cannot assist you retrieving your username and password.  If you need assistance in accessing your account (lost or forgotten ID/password), please contact the UVa  help-desk at (434)924-HELP or toll-free at (866) 469-4866. 

The online decisions give you limited information – Offer, Wait List, or Not Offered. 
We do not email decisions. Detailed information for offered students will arrive in the mail next week. In an effort to be green, we only mail decision letters to admitted students. I will also give some basic statistics next week as well. In order to streamline the comments, we will create separate posts for your individual inquiries after decisions are released.   Thank you for your attention and patience with this blog.  Thank you for your questions, your comments and good company.  You should be incredibly proud of yourselves.  We wish all the best of luck.

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When do the accepted students receive their financial aid info package?