Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Few Next Steps

This is a short compilation of the questions you've asked over the past few days.  I've answered some of them in the comments sections of the last three posts.  I think you'll see that this process requires patience, but slowly, you'll get the information you'll need. 

Wait List
There are 400+ students on the wait list.  Currently, 300 have agreed to remain on the wait list.  I’m not going to break it out school by school, but most offers will come from the College of Arts and Sciences, and some from engineering.  After May 15th, I will let you know if we are moving to the wait list and for which schools.  Those accepted from the wait list will be emailed or phoned.  We won’t accept anyone without your most recent grades. You must send an official transcript, just as you did with your application.  I can’t say how many students will be admitted.  On average over the past few years, it’s been 80-100 students. It really depends on how the class is shaping up.

You may send a letter of continued interest through the mail or by email to undergradadmission@virginia.edu or uvaapplicationinfo@virginia.edu.  They both funnel to the same place.  Additional recommendations are not required.  Again, your academic (grades) and social (disciplinary issues) standing are most important during this stage.  

After Being Admitted
Financial aid awards will be posted online in the coming days; some may receive it as early as Tuesday, May 4th, but for many it will take some time.  Please keep an eye on your to-do list to make sure you’ve turned in all requested documentation.
For information on housing, please go to http://www.virginia.edu/housing/faq.php?faq_id=transfer
Orientation information should be emailed to you (if you’ve deposited) by the end of the week. 
Estimated fees can be found here - http://sfs.virginia.edu/cost/15-16. You are an entering second or third year student. 


wait list said...

Although recommendations are not required, can we still send them to the admissions email?

LM said...

My last final is on the 13th, will application reading take place before this?

Ron Beilinson said...

Similarly to LM, my last final is on the 15th. I'm expecting final grades to be available the 18th or so. My transcript has to be processed and then shipped which could take another week. Is there anything I can do? If I haven't sent in a midterm report, should I at this point? Thank you in advance for answering my questions!

Transfermer said...

wait list,

LM and Ron Beilinson,
We can't do anything until the deadline for depositing, May 15th passes. Most finals don't conclude until mid-late May. For this reason, and I think I said in an earlier post that we will start looking at the wait list in early June. If you go to a school where grades won't be posted until mid-late June, we'll wait if we can, but can't make any promises.

Thank you for not being anonymous! :)

Anonymous said...

I am an accepted student; should I send my final transcript to the same address that I send my transcript during the application process?
Thanks so much for all your help throughout this whole year! :)

Elise said...

Hello! I'm currently on the waitlist for Arts & Sciences, and I applied as a History Major, but after an Art History class this past semester I have found my passion and want to pursue art history! Am I allowed to change my major on my application? Will this hurt my chances? Thank you!

KD said...


I was wondering if we will get an email to notify us when our financial aid is done and posted?

I have a loan displaying on my SIS but my award letter is not available for viewing yet.

transfer654 said...

can transfer students change their major? For example, linguistics to accounting

thomas said...

Where do we go to sign up for orientation?

thomas said...

oh, also I do not think that my UVA email is receiving mail. I haven't gotten anything from UVA yet and I tested it by sending an email from my personal account and it said that it "failed permanently"

LM said...

Will we be told how many wait list spots are open after the 15th?

Transfermer said...

Yes, please send your final transcript to the same address you used in the past. It is also listed on the sidebar of the blog.

This will not hurt your chances. You will need to email undergradadmission@virginia.edu to request this change. This has an effect on orientation meetings should you be admitted.

I believe that Student Financial Services (SFS) periodically sends emails, but you’ll need to check with them. They are working overtime in light of transfer and first-year packaging.

This switch would be really complicated as the majors are in different schools. Please search and read up on the McIntire School of Commerce.

Search uva orientation, or http://www.virginia.edu/orientation/summer/dates.php. It should take a few days for your email to get up and running. If there’s still nothing, contact the help desk, 4help@virginia.edu or 434-924-HELP.

We are still looking at numbers after the weekend. We should have some information to give later this week or early next week. Again, decisions won’t be coming out until we’re safely into June.

Unknown said...

I go to a school that is on the quarter system, which means that my grades will not be official until June 14th. If I immediately send the grades, will they still be reviewed before waitlist decisions are made?

Olivia said...

Does it look like any of the students on the School of Nursing wait list will be accepted?

Transfermer said...

Mark Gerhart,
We'll try and do our best to wait to see your last quarter grades, or make a decision without them. Let's hope you can get them out the door on the 14th or 15th. We'll see where we are then.

Yes, nursing is likely this time.