Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Minute Reminder for Financial Aid

If you are a fall 2015 applicant and you indicated on your application that you would be applying for financial aid, you should have received a couple of emails regarding this deadline.  It is a precise and exact deadline.  There is no getting around this one.

Even if you didn't get an email from us, the deadline is April 1. If you wish to be considered for all forms of need-based financial aid, including grants and need-based scholarships, please complete the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE for 2015-2016 by tomorrow. If you have questions in the meantime, please seek more information from the website for Student Financial Services, or contact them at faid@virginia.edu or 434-982-6000.


Curious Monkey said...

Just out of curiosity, I have heard that all stats being similar, they will usually choose the applicant who has not applied for financial aid over the one who as. Is this true?
I can see how through basic business logic. Will applying for financial aid put you at a disadvantage over somebody who has not?

Transfermer said...

Curious Monkey,
We practice need-blind admission here at UVa. That means your ability to pay or not pay has no impact on your admissions decision. Applying for financial aid will not put you at a disadvantage. We in admission have no idea about an applicants' finances. Student Financial Services is completely separate from us. Now, there may be other universities to which you are applying that are not need-blind. Please don't confuse us with them.

UVaFavoursTheRich said...

If you practise 'need-blind' admissions, why is whether the applicant applied for financial aid the second or third line on the PDF printout of the Common App?

what..? said...

^ because your info like your SSN needs to be linked to your fafsa application..
UVA is known for providing some of the best financial aid in the country, why would you say that?

>. said...

I don't think that question referred to the amount of financial aid that UVA offers its admitted students, but why their ability to pay is considered at all. In fact it is printed on the application, and he/she is right, UVA does favor the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

^ You DO know that the Common App is used by hundreds of schools, right? The ones that aren't need blind probably need to know if you are applying for aid. The ones that are need blind probably ignore that question.

Transfermer said...

Dear Mrs. McIntyre,
I would hope this is not the reason, but I’m not familiar with BU’s policies. It could be any number of reasons completely unrelated to aid.

UVaFavoursTheRich and >,
Anonymous down below is correct. This is a Common App question, not a UVa question. This means it’s on the basic section which can be applicable to over 500 common app member institutions. For our purposes, we use it send email reminders encouraging you to submit financial aid information to Student Financial Services. That’s all there is to it. Once again, we run a need-blind admissions process.

Please refer to our two new campaigns launched to make UVa more affordable for low-income and middle-income groups. Among other aspects, our Affordable Excellence program will make UVa more affordable for 70% of Virginians. For more, go to http://www.virginia.edu/affordableexcellence/ and http://giving.virginia.edu/scholarships/blue-ridge-scholars/

Lastly, each year, we admit more than 50% of our Virginia Community College applicants. These students come from a variety of socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. They are non-traditional, first-generation, moms, dads , former military and much more. While the majority of our students came in as first-years, we matriculate 850+ transfers (from four-years and community colleges every single year). We would encourage you to visit the grounds and talk to students and professors to help us debunk the myth you referenced in your statements. Most visitors are pleasantly surprised. Alright, with that, back to reading transfer files.

DazedandConfused said...

What's the deal with the check marks on the SIS page? I've had a few friends (that have them) say that I need to do something about not having one so late on. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

I conclude that Boston University does not practice 'need blind" admissions, based on the fact that my daughter was accepted at University of Virginia and rejected from Boston University and her stats were slightly higher than the average of the University of Virginia. University of Virginia's stats are higher than Boston University's.Boston University favors the rich. From the college Board.
Boston University
Very selective
35% of applicants admitted
• Essay(s): Required
• SAT Reasoning Test or ACT: Required
• SAT Subject Tests: Consider If Submitted
SAT Test Scores *
• Critical Reading: 570-680
• Math: 620-730
• Writing: 600-690
ACT Composite Scores *
• 27-31

University of Virginia
Very selective
29% of applicants admitted
• Essay(s): Required
• SAT Reasoning Test or ACT: Required
• SAT Subject Tests: Recommended
SAT Test Scores *
• Critical Reading: 620-720
• Math: 630-740
• Writing: 620-720
ACT Composite Scores *
• 28-33

streisand said...

Heya, so I have not received any financial information from UVA and if I am accepted, there's no way I can go there without some financial assistance. I filled out my FAFSA and CSS, I paid for CSS and everything. Since I also applied to a backup school, I was informed by them that they received my FAFSA and they sent me their notifications. Who should I contact or what should I do in general?

Taylor said...

I have a question about my to do list. It now says CSS profile under it and that I have to complete the profile in order for UVA to process the request for aid. I did not apply for financial aid because I do not think I am eligible, nor do I want to now. Why is this just now showing on my to do list and will it effect my application or chance for admission?

concerned student said...

I recently realized that I did not include significant awards that I won in high school on my app (national merit being one of them). Would it be too late to email admissions and ask them to consider these awards?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "need-blind admission."

Anonymous said...

Apparently need-blind admission is "as real as the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus."

Anonymous said...

Let's not get side tracked here. The most important thing is finding out when we will be hearing our decisions. Soooooooooo transfermer when will that be? This Friday orrr are you gonna make us wait till the 1st

Fran said...


Why would it be this Friday?

Anonymous said...

@ Fran

Sometimes they realease decisions the Friday before May 1st.

uvahopeful said...

@anonymous are you serious about them releasing decisions tomorrow, the 24th? Wow that makes me extremely anxious and excited.

Pls said...

@uvahopeful it has been hinted that decision will take longer than expected so I would assume the 30th-1st just like last year.

In the prior years they have released the Friday before May 1st but transfermer hasn't updated the blog in all of April which for the past couple years has always been updated around the 23rd or the 24th. This gives me an indication that they are no where near ready to release tomorrow, so try to be patient.

Transfermer said...

Dazed and Confused,
The check mark signals that the application is officially complete and under final review. We are still reviewing hundreds of files at this point.

No one will receive financial aid information until after decisions go out on May 1st. If you are admitted, you will have until May 15th to respond to our offer. If you need an extension because you are waiting on the award from UVa, you may request an extension.

You must have checked the box that you were planning to apply for financial aid. If you want this changed, write to undergradadmission@virginia.edu. It won't make a difference. The CSS Profile request on your to-do list will not keep you from getting an admissions decision.

Concerned student,
We are not really looking for high school awards.

Anonymous who referenced another blog,
Please make up an alias next time. We’re looking for top-performing students in the admissions process(not a financial process) whether or not they can afford tuition and fees here. I can’t say it any other way.

Anonymous who doesn’t like getting sidetracked,
I like your style.Please make up an alias next time. We are not releasing decisions tomorrow. We almost always release decisions on a Friday. Our website publishes May 1st as our release date. May 1st is a Friday. We are not sitting on decisions to make you wait. We are actively working to have all decisions released on May 1st.

Historically, we release on Fridays. Sometimes that’s on a date in very late April. This year, May 1st falls on a Friday.

We are not releasing decisions tomorrow. We’re releasing decisions on May 1st.

Pls said...

Thank you for clearing that up! The college confidential transfer thread has been going nuts these past few days with finding out when the real deadline is.

All of you are welcome to come to the forum, we have been very talkative as of late!


Cait said...

So, I know there is a deposit for securing your spot for admission. My question is what if a student cannot afford the $400 out of pocket? I know UVa practices need-blind admission, but I also know some individuals, like myself, work full time as well as go to school full time as an independent student with no way to provide the admission deposit. I live by myself completely independent from my family, not by choice.

Nervous said...

I'm very confused. On SIS it says view decision, but I thought you said you weren't releasing until May 1st?

Anonymous said...

@Nervous: Nothing is going to be released until May 1st.

If you had clicked on "view decision" in SIS, it would tell you the very same thing.

Anxious student said...

Anyone know what time decisions come out on friday?

LM said...

@ anxious student I'm going to guess around 5pm , that's what last year's transfers told me.

WahooHopeful said...

any chance UVA will release a day or two early?

LM said...

Well we only have one day left so we will see (fingers crossed)
@ WahooHopeful

Anonymous said...

Any news yet? If not admitted other deposits are due tomorrow... Feeling Anxious.....

LM said...

@anon If there is any news it will be posted later today on the blog! :)

maria said...

Transfermer please confirm in a post that we'll find out tomorrow (or hopefully today- that'd be even better) We're all really stressed and I know a majority of us probably have finals. Can you help us out? :(

Anonymous said...

Transfermer held true to the comment that decisions would be released on the 1st. It is only frustrating because barely anyone reads the comments and it's been a ghost town on the transfer blog for the past month.

Transfermer said...

Please see the new post. We've read and responded to comments when we can come up for air while reviewing our fabulous 2500 transfer applications. That's in addition to seeing thousands of prospective and admitted first-year students in April. We can't thank you enough for your patience.

To answer your question, after you've been admitted, student financial services will tell us if you qualify for significant financial need which would in turn qualify you for a tuition deposit waiver.

elson cade said...

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Unknown said...

it seems to me, that the students with the lowest financial level receive Pell Grants which are not influenced by the State, I believe.