Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Check those To-Do Lists

Now is the time to start double-checking your to-do lists.  In a week or so, we will begin to email students who are missing documents.  You can get a head start on this by confirming that we have received everything.  If there are "No To-Do's" on your list, your file is complete.  If you find there are documents on your to-do list, please take care of them as soon as possible.


Katy said...

I just sent my midterm report today because I had my last midterm today. I'm just wondering if it was too late to send the report or if it will still be added to my application for review?
Thanks so much!

NA said...

My school doesn't do midterm reports is that a problem?

luvlax said...

when is the latest you can send in your mid term report?

Jack said...

My School does not have midterm reports what should i do in that case?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I recently withdrew from a class this semester. Do I have to officially notify UVA of this withdrawal?

RC said...

I mailed my two college transcripts at the beginning of February, but my to-do list in SIS shows both are missing. Is there still a chance they haven't been matched up or should I request to have them sent again?

Greg said...

Am I allowed to send the midterm report next week and will it still be used towards my application?

Anonymous said...

@RC: I had the same happen to me. I received an email earlier this week from UVA stating they hadn't gotten mine, so I had it re-sent.

If I were you, I'd first check your email to see if someone from UVA has contacted you about it. If they have not, I would highly consider re-requesting those be sent.

@Jack & NA:
The Midterm report is on the Common Application website. Log in, look under "My colleges" -> "Recommenders and FERPA"; it should be near the bottom of the page.

Carl said...

Do we have to send our midterm reports ?

Liam said...

My schools midterms just ended and I'm going to send my report on Monday.

In my English class the professor didn't give a midterm, but is still required to assign grades by the school. He gave the entire class Cs because of this. He offered to write something clarifying the low mark if anyone needed it, which I will certainly take him up on.

I have great grades in all my other courses, and did last semester, so I would like to send a midterm report but I am really concerned this will have a negative affect on my application. Should I not send it if this will count against me or will the professors note clarifying the poor grade be enough for the admissions team to understand?

John said...

Does the admissions office prefer Mid-term reports sent by mail or emailed? Also, is it acceptable to sent mid-term reports in now, as they have just become available?

Alina said...

I am taking 6 courses this semester. One of them, however, is online. The professor is somewhat difficult to get a hold of, and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to get a signature out of her. Since there are only 5 slots on the Common App form anyways, is it okay if I omit that one online course and just send in midterm grades for all of my other classes?

Transfermer said...

I think everyone is getting a little too overwhelmed by this mid-term report which is NOT REQUIRED. Whenever you send it, we’ll do our best to get it to your application as soon as possible. As you can imagine, when we are wrapping up our process in late April, it would then be too late.

NA and Jack,
I don’t think any school officially reports mid-term evaluations. It would be up to you to take it around to your professors.

Anon who withdrew from a class,
Make up an alias next time. Yes, it’s really important that you let us know about this change.

Hmm. That is mysterious. I think you should contact our office via email first. Check to make sure you have the correct address and then order them again.

Go ahead and send it. We’ll do our best.

Earning a C never looks great, but with the professor’s note, that should put it all into context for us.

Either way will be fine. Email of course would be faster.

If you can’t get to this professor, you can leave it be.

MajChange said...

Hello! I am wondering if it is too late to email admissions and request that my second choice major on my application be changed? I am thinking more of my current credits would go toward a different major than I originally requested, but am also wondering if this would really make a difference in an admission decision or would just be something to fix further down the road? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! First of all, thank you for helping make the transfer application process a lot easier on us all- we greatly appreciate what you do for us.

Secondly, is it correct of me to assume that the midterm report is required to be sent through the mail to the P.O. Box listed? I have not seen faxing ever mentioned however I just wanted to confirm.

Anonymous said...

^Follow up from this last comment... Just read John's comment from earlier. I will email a copy!

Transfermer said...

No, it's not too late, but you should write to sooner rather than later. If you are switching to a different school, you may be asked to write a new supplemental essay.

Cait said...

What is we are unable to afford to pay for the CSS profile? I am an independent student and my parents are disabled and on a fixed income and are thus unable to help me out. Beyond being an independent student, I am living independently and supporting myself as I go to school full time. I have held off on completing the application for this reason.

Thanks for your time.

Transfermer said...

The college board gives out fee waivers for the profile, but you have to fill out the documentation in order for them them to determine whether or not they can give the waiver.

excited said...

Has the application reading process begun yet?

Unknown said...

Is it true that people have already been notified of their acceptance?

Transfermer said...

Non Barg,
Applicants who applied directly from high school (these are called first year applicants) heard their decisions on March 20. I'm assuming you are a transfer student. This process is complete different. You will ALL hear at the same time, May 1. The Admission Timetable on the right-side of this page has been on our website for years.

Charles said...

In the website timetable, the first applicant decisions were scheduled for April 1, but came out March 20. Is there a chance for our decisions to come out sooner than May 1. I'm just wondering if I should be checking around late April.

Paul said...

Hey when are the decision for transfer students released? Some Universities have already released their offers.

Larry said...

I will be down in Charlottesville later this week for an event. Is it possible I could stop by Peabody while I am down there to hand deliver my mid term report?

Unknown said...

i have a question about the midterm report. Not all my classes will have have midterm grades. Should I still send in the midterm report with just the classes that have midterm grades?

OOS or IS said...

I got an email from vastatus about sending in additional documentation to determine if i was qualified to be an in-state student. I never got a response and there is nothing on SIS. How do I know if I am being reviewed as an in-state student? I was when I applied out of high school and I currently attend a VA university as one, but the last time I applied it said something about it on SIS. Also, thank you so much for the updates and answering questions on this blog, it's super helpful!

Transfermer said...

It’s unlikely. We already have a tight turnaround when it comes to collecting and filing the thousands of documents from our 2400 transfer applicants.

Please refer to the website timetable that Charles mentioned above - - the short answer is May 1.

You can scan and email your midterm report to Feel free to stop in if you like. We’ll be very busy with our high school visitors, but we’d be happy to help you.

Non Barg,

OOS or IS,
Nice alias, but you should call their office as soon as possible and get this cleared up. Virginia Status can be reached at 434-982-3391.

very excited/nervous said...

Have the committees begun reading the applications?

excited said...

lol u copied me ;) ^

Paul said...

When one receives the admissions offer can the university revoke the offer or when you get the offer that's it. And if they do revoke it then how and when would you find out ?

Steph said...

It's so hard for me to wait until May 1st! I want to know!!! :-( crossing my fingers!

Transfermer said...

very excited/nervous,
Yes, we actually started reading just after the 1st of March.

Yes, in some rare cases, we will rescind (or withdraw) our offer of admission. This is usually due to final semester grades or some sort of infraction. You'll be emailed before it actually occurs.

I know. We're excited to release, but we are far from ready. Not much longer until the 1st of the month.

Hopeful Wahoo said...

Is there no way we will find out if we got in before May? UVa is my top choice but I definitely do not want to spend another year at my current institution so I applied to other colleges/universities as well (as I'm sure other applicants have as well). Some schools have already sent out decisions and expect a deposit by early May, which puts myself and others in a tough choice on whether we risk waiting for a decision from here or do we choose a school we hear back from. I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are on this. I also just wanted to thank you so much for the information you have provided during this process, it has been so helpful to us all.

Paul said...

Just for a sense, how low do my grades have to be to get rescinded?

Nicholas said...

In an earlier post, you mentioned that 2400 students applied to transfer. That number seems really high. Should I be worried about a lower acceptance rate and harder standards to get accepted?

Curious said...

So, I have a question that I'm hoping you can help me with. I know that the average GPA for uva transfer is 3.5. I didn't apply this year, but I'm planning on next year for a third year spot. Anyways, my question is: I had a very rough freshman first semester dealing with personal problems and being unhappy at my current college and I ended up with a 2.8 GPA, this semester I have a 4.0 and I'm taking more credits than last semester. I plan on keeping my GPA a 3.7 or higher now that I've resolved some personal problems. I'm worried because even though I've improved and I'm doing better and will continue improving, my first semester GPA makes it hard for me to get a cumulative 3.5 GPA regardless of my high semester gpas. Would having a 3,7+ GPA in each semester but one help or would I still have a low chance since my cumulative isn't a 3.5? Thank you so much and sorry for the long post.

Transfermer said...

Hopeful Wahoo,
Thanks for your kind words. I know this puts students in a bit of a bind, but we’re unable to release any sooner. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you want to be sure, you’ll need to deposit elsewhere and then cancel if you get in and decide to come to UVa.

We can’t really say. Everyone is different. It has to be a dramatic change from your previous semester’s grades. Normally, we give you a chance to explain before we pull the plug.

We’ve received somewhere around that number for many years in a row. Our admit rate in general for transfers is between 35-40% (12% for Commerce in 2014).

3.5 is not a cutoff, but it gives you an idea of who is being admitted. Any improvement over time will help. Make sure you’re looking at our transfer course requirements ( when signing up for classes next year. This type of preparation helps in the process as well.