Friday, September 26, 2014

The Spring Application Deadline is...

...Just around the corner!

There are a number of procedures that will occur once you submit the application.  You'll receive confirmation from Common App, but it's very important that you receive confirmation from our institution as well.  It will take 48-72 hours for your application to go through the system.

After this, you'll receive a SIS ID and password.  These are attributes you'll use to check your decision come December 1.  More importantly, it's where you'll find your to-do list. 

Your to-do list will tell you when we are looking for and when we've received required materials.  After you apply, please allow 10-14 days for your materials to be matched to your application.  This is a human and manual process and our staff works very hard to keep on top of the hundreds of documents that we receive.

Good luck everyone!


HopeLee said...

Hope Lee

I have a quick question if you do not mind answering.

From what i remember last year, there were 3 parts to the whole submission process: 1. the basic application. 2. The supplements. 3. Payment fee.

I think common application has changed this year and instead it seems as if there are only two parts to this submission? Correct me if I am wrong.

On the dashboard of common app, there is a check (completion) under the application, but under the writing supplement, there is a dash saying not required.

I am baffled at this and was wondering if I needed to submit the supplement separately, or if it has all gone through under one application.

Respectfully, Hopelee

Transfermer said...


The supplement has been merged together with the application this year. Once you click on the Academics tab and select your school, you must answer both essay questions. This of course would be in addition to the personal essay.

HopeLee said...

Okay thanks for replying quickly!
That cleared up a lot of confusion.

So since I have a check mark below the application, I guess I am good to go.

Once again, thank you for your insight.