Friday, August 29, 2014

Order those High School Transcripts Now

We have a little over a month until the deadline for spring admission, October 1. If you are applying, you will be required to submit a high school transcript or GED score report.

This document is required for every applicant, no matter how old you are and no matter how many college courses you've taken, no matter how many associates' degrees you have.  Even if you're planning on getting an associates, or maybe you already have one... the high school transcript is required.  Squash those rumors.  We have seen diligent applicants who graduated from high school 20, 30 years ago get their transcripts. It's more possible than you might think.  But, it does take time, so start early.

If you attended high school outside of the U.S., we require a translated transcript.  Most applicants use WES or the World Education Service. Again, this can take a long time, so start working on it as soon as possible, be you a spring or fall applicant.

If you graduated high school recently, we are still closely looking at your high school record.  Typically, the longer you've been in college, the less we'll look at your high school record.

Order those transcripts now. Check it off of your mental to-do list early. You can send them even if you have yet to apply.  We will hold onto it until your application is submitted.


Unknown said...


I was wondering when I should send in the mid-year report for the Spring 2015 application. I don't want to send it in too early or too late! Also, are we only allowed to send in a reference from an academic source or can I send in one from a community leader?

Thank you!

Wahoowa11 said...

How closely do you all look at SAT scores and high school GPA's if you are applying as a third year transfer? Is it worth it to retake your SAT if you scored below an 1800?

Katie said...

Is a teacher recommendation absolutely necessary?

Chopmen said...

Hi! Going off of what Wahoowa11 asked, would you recommend retaking your SAT/ACT as a third year transfer? Additionally, are you allowed to apply for the Spring 2015 semester and the Fall 2015 semester, or do you have to chose only one?

Hopelee said...


Dear Transformer,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my previous question. I was wondering if I could ask you another if you don't mind.

While filling out the Common Application for Spring Transfer, I noticed that there was a change from "Registrar report" to the "College Report". I am confused by this and was wondering if it is the same thing.

Also, I needed to make a new common application account even though I applied only couple months back for Fall 2014 correct? I tried logging into the previous account in which I applied before and It would not let me.

Thank you! Respectfully, Hopelee

Transfermer said...

You should send it after you receive grades from your mid-term exams or papers.

1800 doesn't tell me much, but if you scored below a 500 on any of the tests, I would recommend taking it again.

Recommendations are not required.

The SAT/ACT is required if you graduated June 2010 or later. If you applied for spring, and you are not admitted, and you are not a junior at a four-year institution, you may apply for fall.

It looks like from other posts that you were able to submit.