Thursday, December 3, 2009

Important SIS Information

SIS will be down for maintenance on Saturday, December 6 from 6am to 3pm. During this time, you will not be able to check your to-do list, status or pay your tuition deposit.

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I was wondering if Teacher recommendations are required and if they are is it possible to get a teacher recommendation from a TA?



Unknown said...

Hello, I was writing my supplement essay a month ago and it included a 3rd section about having three people (dead or alive, real or imaginary) to dinner and why. It no longer seems to be on the application now though? Do transfers only submit the 2 essays on the supplement or can I do more?
Thank you,

tokede said...

To Transfermer:

I applied for transfer admission for this past fall semester, but was waitlisted. I would like to apply to transfer again. Do I have to rewrite my essays on the commonapp? Please let me know. Thank you.

Transfermer said...

You can get recs from TAs, but we'd prefer a professor.

Perhaps you somehow got into an old application??

You do not need to rewrite your essays, but you need to tell us in writing that you want to be reconsidered for Fall. I would recommend adding a bit about your situation since you last applied.

Unknown said...

How do you want the "Instructor Evaluation" part of the application done? Thank you,

ray said...

To transfermer,

I just applied, how do i get a SIS account to check my to-do list and what not?


Transfermer said...


This can be emailed to or mailed to us.