Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring Decisions

Spring decisions (the REAL ones) should show online at 5pm EST tonight. Letters will be mailed tomorrow.

As you all know, the spring process is much more competitve than the fall process. 15% of the applicants were admitted this year.

If you find that you are not offered admission, and you are a student in your 3rd or 4th semester at a four-year school or in community college, you have the opportunity to apply again for Fall. You should tell us in writing that you want to "roll over" your application for Fall 2010 consideration. There will be instructions on how to do this in your decision letter.

There is no wait list during the Spring process.

Those who are offered have until December 10 to notify us of your decision.

We truly thank all of you for your interest in UVA.


Fmalik13 said...

Congratulations to all of those people who got in, I wish you all the best.

For everyone who didn't get accepted, I'm with you.
Let's be optimistic and keep working at it.

I remember last fall many people who got in their third and final chance applying, and they were extremely thrilled...

So trust me when I say let's not lose hope.

We're all in this together.


Anonymous said...

I also didn't get accepted, but I got admited by some other good universities,I think I will transfer to another one first, becuse I love UVA so much,I will still apply for the fall,I dont know is that OK?(I dont know will I be accepted or not in the fall, so I cant spend more time here)

Fmalik13 said...


I attend a community college. I am glad I am here because I am building a solid foundation for my education to go to a four year institution like UVA (a good one at that). However, I have run into some issues, such as not being in the best social & academic environment, no campus life or culture (to my preference at least), etc, etc.

However, if you have one more semester to go (wherever you attend school), in my opinion, I would wait it out. I think UVA is a great institution that if you have a decent chance of getting in, it's worth the wait.

Just my 2 cents.

In case you were wondering, I will definitely be applying for Fall 2010 and I look forward to May 1.


Wally_N said...

man, this is a real bummer :(
i was really hoping to make it this time since it will be my brothers last semester at uva. Guess i have to wait till fall now. Hopefully i can fulfill all my requirements for guaranteed admission by then.

Congrats to all who got in!

feline ran said...

thank you all.

I got in.. But I've been in my junior year already and I have to change my major if I go to uva. I really hesitate if I should accept the offer.

To those who are rejected, don't be down. I was rejected last semester as well, but I got in this time. So you still have chance. Just keep up, you guys can make it.

Congrats to all others who got in.

Anonymous said...

Question: if you look on the SIS website right now, is that the accurate decision? Does the letter say 'November 30, 2009' in the corner? Just wondering...

rejected said...

what does it take to get into this school???

is a 4.0 in High school and in College not enough?

is being president of 3 Clubs not enough?

whomever was accepted please tell me you did cause I just don't seem to be good enough...what is your secret?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get a percentage of how many students were accepted from UVA-WIse?

bjo123 said...


Is there any possibility that someone could get a extension of a couple of days to decide if they going to attend in the spring? Or December 10 is set in stone.

I am want to know, because the decision of another univeristy that I apllied to is going to come problably a couple of days after Dec. 10.

Anonymous said...

I know there is not a specific waitlist. However, if someone that has been accepted chooses not to attend do you fill that slot? How do you determine that person?

What was the breakdown between Virginia residents and non-Virginia residents?

Transfermer said...

You could transfer and perhaps be competitive if your grades improve (if possible)this Fall semester. I would go somewhere that you are inclined to like in case you do like it and want to stay! But keep in mind, making the switch means we have no way of knowing how your grades will turn out if it’s your first semester. You may be wait listed.

I’m sorry you were not offered admission. I’m sure most of you know that it’s about more than just numbers. A 4.0 in high school is soo different from one school to another. A 4.0 in college is extremely respectable. Now I can’t speak specifically to your case, but we still look at testing and we look closely to see that you have gen ed requirements we are looking for in applicants.

Anon regarding UVA-Wise,
I’m not sure that any were admitted, but we rarely get applicants from there. Please know that there is not agreement to take students from this school and we don’t have quotas for any school.

I’m really sorry, but we can’t give extensions. At least you have a week to mull it over as far as we’re concerned.

Dec 2 anon,
This crop is about 50/50 in and out of state. Based on historical records, we offer to more people than the number of people that will come. This will ultimately put us at the right number. For Fall, we make space for the wait list.

Goodenoughonce said...

What was the average GPA for those admitted for the spring semester? Does the average GPA on the FAQ portion of the website reflect the average of the spring and fall, just the fall, or just the spring? How many typically apply for fall transfer (35-40% are offered admission correct)? Also do you place equal emphasis on the numerical GPA and the quality of school someone is transferring from?

Anonymous said...

If I was accepted, but would like to wait until the fall semester to transfer to UVA, is it possible that I can defer? Or is that not an option for transfers?

Anonymous said...

could you please specify what you mean by you look for "gen ed requirements" when assessing a candidates admission?


accepted and @ uva now said...

To all you aspiring UVA students, don't fret: I was so anxious last year to come up here and study. Yes, most of the courses are excellent. Yes, the campus is beautiful. Yes, there have been a hundred opportunities and things going on--concerts, shows, speakers,etc. But getting in isn't going to dramatically shape your life into something meaningful. If you're enjoying yourself and living happily, then don't become depressed that you weren't admitted.

UVA isn't really that hard, honestly. And I transferred from a community college, and mostly perform better than 4.0 HS-type people who might offer their GPA but are reluctant to speak of what they took; or realize the pointlessness to their groups and activities. I had no extra curricular activities or any of that nonsense; it doesn't matter. They're looking to admit people who are capable and willing to learn, not people attempting to perpetuate meaning through what university name they have arched over their sweatshirt.

concerned said...

What if I did not receive an official letter? Can I still "roll over" my application?

Transfermer said...

I'm... concerned that you didn't get a letter, but as long as you applied for Spring 2010, and you found your decision on SIS, you are eligible to have your application reconsidered. Please email us at