Thursday, April 28, 2022

Transfer Release is this Evening

 Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your patience while waiting for our office to finish up the review process for this enrollment cycle. I'm excited to let you all know that we will be releasing decisions electronically tonight. If you applied, you will get a notification saying there is an update to your application status - check your student portal for your decisions!

Please pay attention to the deposit deadline and instructions in that notification. If you're waiting for a financial aid award before making your decision, those should be out soon, but we will never expect you to make the decision without the award information - so in a couple of weeks if you're still waiting on the financial aid offer, let us know and we will extend your deadline to deposit.


-I'll have statistics out soon for the class, it was a record number of applications I believe

-If you are waitlisted (or admitted), make sure to send your final spring transcript (if you're currently in courses) as soon as it is available. Waitlist decisions won't go out until late May at the earliest - likely June. 

-If you were denied, do know that this is an extremely competitive process with a limited amount of space - unfortunately the nature of selective admissions is we have to deny (or waitlist) really strong candidates every year. If you'll be applying next admission cycle, keep following the course recommendations - those (and grades) are almost always the reason a student isn't admitted. 

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments on this post. Congratulations on making it through this admission cycle, everyone!

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