Friday, November 22, 2019

Spring Transfer Decisions are Out!

Spring Transfer Decisions are Out!

Decisions for the spring semester enrollment are out!

Check via your application portal or in the email you should receive for you decisions - if you were admitted, the reply form in the email will take you to directions on how to submit you deposit, if you wish to accept your offer of admission. You have until December 15th to accept your offer and deposit.

There is no wait list in our spring admission process. Please do keep in mind how much more limited in space the spring pool is - it is not even a tenth of the size of the fall semester enrollment. The acceptance rate for this spring pool was just under 16% - if you were not admitted, you may select via the reply form in your email to have your application roll over to the pool for fall admission. If you do select to have your application rolled over, do know that we'll want to see an updated transcript with your final grades in the courses you're currently in.

The deadline to accept rolling over your application is March 1st.

Please note: Those applicants who are entering their sixth semester at a four-year institution (that is, not a community college) are not eligible to roll over for the fall semester pool for the College of Arts and Sciences, as six semesters will put you over the limit on credits taken at a four-year institution. If this is the case for you, we hope that you apply to UVa for graduate school in future.

Unfortunately, we do not have admitted student days for transfers and, like you, our students and faculty will be heading into final exams in the coming days - if you have questions, give the Office of Admission a call and ask to speak to the Dean of the Day.

Best of luck to everyone as we head towards exam season!

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