Friday, April 26, 2019

Fall Decisions!

We'll be releasing decisions this morning! We don't control the time in the admissions office, but instead we leave it in the capable hands of our tech people. 

Most of you will know how to get there, but let’s review how to view your official decision.  In order to see it, you must be able to get into your application portal.

The decision pages online will give you limited information on your decision– Offer, Wait list, or Not Offered. We do not email decisions.  Detailed information for admitted students will arrive in the mail next week.  In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we only mail letters to admitted students.  In addition, please look out for important inserts in your envelopes if you applied to the Architecture school or Curry teaching program. Additional information for nursing admits will come in a separate letter. Students admitted to McIntire will receive very important information via email next week.  Many of these students will have additional requests for summer coursework or things-to-do in their letters. If this is you, often your spot is contingent upon your taking summer pre-requisites.

We’ll be creating spaces on this blog for you to comment, similar to what you’ve seen in past years. Look out for that later this evening.

Thank you for reading our posts and posting your questions throughout the whole year.  There is less to cover with you all because you are already college students, but we are happy to try and address any general topics you can think of regarding becoming a student at UVA.  We DO work most weekends during our reading season of October to April, but find now is the time to let the decisions settle in and we’ll address your thoughts and inquiries next week.  Good luck!

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