Monday, January 14, 2019

A Quick Note for those Who Applied out of High School

Hello Everyone!

As you're working on your common applications before the 3/1/19 deadline, there's a note I want to pass along - if you applied for first year admission previously, it could impact you:

Common App this year split off transfer applications to a different platform from the first year platform.  We have had a few transfer applicants who have called stating that UVA was not listed as a school to select.  Here is the reason why:

Students who create a transfer application in CAO can currently use these credentials to still login to the First Year platform. If they do use their Transfer credentials to login to the First Year platform, then they are not able to see UVA's Transfer program (since it's on the other platform). CAO is currently working on a way to not have this linked access to minimize confusion going forward.

If this happens to you, log in to the transfer platform at and then you should be able to see UVA.

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