Friday, July 20, 2018

Thinking about your next move

August is almost here! As we mentioned in the last post, we want to now turn our eyes towards signing up for the appropriate classes this fall.

Many students find themselves fumbling around in the dark when it comes to course registration.  Remember that if your goal is to transfer to UVA, you'll need to find that "nite-lite" which will prepare you for work as a UVA student.  As you gear up to return to school (or maybe this is your first semester of college), it's important to be aware of the pre-requisite courses necessary for transfer to UVa. We realize there are courses you'll need to take at your institution, but it's important to overlap, or incorporate what we're looking for as well.

If you go to our website  and click on "Transfer Course Requirements" on the left-hand side, you'll see some very helpful introductory information.  Once you click through to each school -- the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, etc -- you'll see a general list of exactly what you need to take.  Follow this closely.  If you would like to see how your school's courses might transfer, you can use our transfer credit analyzer.  This will show most of your institutions and many courses.  Do not fret if courses you have taken do not appear on the analyzer.  It doesn't necessarily mean that they won't transfer, but our registrars will evaluate the credit once you're admitted.

There is still plenty of time, but we look forward to answering your questions with regards to locking in your schedules. 

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