Thursday, February 15, 2018

Send Your Transcripts Now

Did you know that you can send transcripts before you apply?  Yes, it's true.

All too often, applicants do not mobilize quickly enough, or do not think about the need to send transcripts until March 1.  That's typically too late. Think about it this way.  If you wanted to mail a birthday card or an anniversary card to someone, you wouldn't wait until the day of the occasion to send the card, would you?  March 1 is the postmark deadline, but you can help us to complete your applications as efficiently as possible by planning ahead.  Request those transcripts now (this can take 7-14 days at some schools) and we'll match up your application to your transcripts after submission.

UPDATE: We will accept these via mail (see our address over there to the right -->)  or electronically ( or , so long as they come directly from your school.  Sometimes, these e-transcript services have email addresses pre-selected for them, but they should still end up here.

Good luck!


Unknown said...

Do I need to resend high school and Dual Enrollment transcripts if I already applied with them last year? If not, how long is the traditional shelf life of transcripts/AP/SAT scores.

I’m applying to second-year

AxeCapital said...

I sent my transcript through Parchment online. Will that suffice?

Transfermer said...

Trainer Red,
You'll need to send your transcripts because we sometimes hold onto them for a year, but it's likely they aren't your final transcripts from late May/early June/HS graduation. Test scores seem to stay in our system forever, so you won't need to resend those.

That's perfect.

'HooVA said...

Transfermer -
I have scoured the FAQs and posts searching for this question but have yet to find it. So, here it goes. I am 1-credit shy of the GAA (I am taking that last spanish course this summer) However, I am applying competitive admissions for the fall. If I get denied under competitive admissions for the fall - is it possible to apply under the GAA either for the spring or next fall?

If it helps I will be applying after earning an AS-social science and with the final class in the summer I will also obtain an AA- liberal arts.

Thanks for everything! Your blog informed me I could send transcripts before applying and about the CSS!


StuartG said...


I am applying to the College of Arts and Sciences as an incoming second year. If I received AP scores that UVA will accept, would it be beneficial to submit those AP score reports along with my application materials or to wait until an admissions decision has been made?

Thank you!



rjbray123 said...

The college transcript I send will just be my fall semster grades correct?

'HooVA said...

@rjbray123 - As far as I understand it they require the "Final Official Transcript" from your college(s) so it would include all of your college grades. If you are like me, and sent an official one right now - it would only include your finalized grades up through the fall semester. You would then be required to send to final official transcript after your spring grades have posted. I found that information at the link below. Look at final transcript. Although the mid-year report is not require an advisor suggested I send what I have on my transcript now. Hope that helps until someone more qualified can address your question.

Unknown said...

Hello, I've submitted my Common Application. Since I've submitted the application, do ALL forms need to be submitted before March 1? Just want to clarify. Also, I already have an SIS account as I'm a Community Scholar-- will it still take 5 business days to process? Will the transfer to-do list appear on my already-existing SIS account?

I actually sent one of my transcripts a few months ago-- will it be processed even if I hadn't submitted my Common Application before I sent it?

Is it possible to go to Peabody and submit all my forms in-person?

Sorry for all the questions!

Tatiana G said...

Hi! I was wondering about the midterm report.. I don't have any set midterms in my classes this semester, thus no designated "midterm grades". Should I just send the midterm report around March 1 since I don't have a set midterm?



Transfermer said...

Let’s hope you’re admitted competitively for fall! The GAA only works for the fall semester, so if you find yourself in a situation where you want to apply again, you can apply competitively for spring 2019, or through the GAA for fall 2019. Keep in mind, if you end up at another four-year institution in the interim, you may become ineligible for transfer, and won’t at all qualify for the GAA. Thanks for the input on rjbray’s question.

Great question. Because these cost money, wait until an admissions decision has been made. For the time being, under the testing section of the Common App, please, please (yes, two of them) list your scores there.

That’s correct. Decisions will be released May 1, so they will be made before we get your final(spring 2018) grades.

All transcripts need to be postmarked by March 1. If you need to send test scores (applicants to McIntire, our Teacher Ed program, international students), this should also be postmarked by March 1. You’ve submitted your application, so that’s great. Yes, it will take the same out of time for it to be processed as others. And yes, everything should appear on the same to-do list. Your college transcript is waiting to be matched up to the application. It doesn’t show spring coursework, so if you are in classes this spring, we hope you listed those on your application.

Tatiana G,
Yes, that’s fine. We’re just looking for an idea of where you are the middle point of the semester.

Unknown said...

Hi there, While I know it says SAT scores are no longer required for Arts and Sciences transfers, they are still listed in the GAA Agreement. Has the agreement not been updated for that or do applicants with Guaranteed Admission need to send SAT scores still?

Transfermer said...

Yes, unfortunately, that is the one part of the agreement that is out of date. The SAT is not required for these applicants.

Darlenne H. said...

Hi Transfermer!

I'd been going off of info from the old blog posts (specifically "Getting the Ball Rolling, posted on or around March 1 last year) so I hadn't requested my transcript from a technical school where I earned a certificate a few years ago, and I know they can sometimes take a long time to mail things out, so it might be mailed out after March 1. Will this negatively affect me? My actual accredited college transcript from VCCS and my high school transcript will be in on time. If this turns out to be the case, should I call and let admissions know it's coming?

Transfermer said...

Darlenne H,
This won't be a problem. It is most important that you submit your application by March 1.

Markxz said...

Hi Transfermer! So I am currently an NVCC student and am taking accelerated courses at my college which end by late March. Can I send my transcript with my updated grades because I really want my Spring semester to be a factor in my decision.

Unknown said...

Hi! I attend University of Alabama, and I did not have the money to order my transcripts until just recently. I knew they used electronic transcripts, but when I go to order it for UVA, it only lets me do mail, and I am worried it will not get there in time. I have the option of sending it to myself, I think, and emailing it, but your post says directly from the school. Is there anything I can do?

Billy said...

I'm concerned because my school told me it may take a while for them to get them in the mail so they gave me signed & sealed transcripts to send so that it would be in the mail by March 1st. Now I'm scared because this says it needs to come directly from your school.

Transfermer said...

That's not a problem. 90% of the time, students order their transcripts from their school to be sent to our school. The point is that we're trying to ensure the validity of transcripts. They need to be signed and sealed. If you put yours in another envelope and sent it our way, that is perfectly fine.

Markxz said...

Hi Transfermer! So I am currently an NVCC student and am taking accelerated courses at my college which end by late March. Can I send my transcript with my updated grades because I really want my Spring semester to be a factor in my decision.

Transfermer said...


You need to send a transcript in now. You can send another transcript once your grades are posted, but we can't promise that these accelerated grades will play a part in your decision.