Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Two More Visits out on the Road

If you are a student or an advisor, please come find us at the following Virginia Community College Campuses! Join us for a 45-60 min information session on UVA and the admission process.

Central Virginia Community College - 11 AM or 1 PM

Virginia Western Community College - 11 AM or 1 PM - Webber Hall 313

Check in with your Student Services Office for details or room changes.

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looking2transfer said...

Hi Transfermer,
Random question-- what is the difference between "1000T" and "1000N" on the transfer credit equivalency chart? For example on here for BIO 351 it shows as "1000T" but for GISAT 112 it shows as "1000N". Would both courses count as 3 credits in the EVSC department? Or does N stand for "no" or something?