Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Two weeks until the deadline!

We just wanted to send a quick reminder about the deadline, but we may be preaching to the choir on here.  What may be lesser known is how we handle the forms on the Common App.  Look over to the right side bar of this blog if you're looking for clarification.

Be sure to fill out all parts of the common app itself. That includes the biographical information, your current coursework, your AP scores (if you have any you would like to report) and completion of those essays.

For those of you who might have taken time off between high school and college, or taken a break in college, or transferred from one college to another, be sure to mention this in your essays including what you did on your breaks. Time spent working or in the military is the most common explanation, but there may be more.  We want to know how you arrived at this point.

Remember that we require your high school transcript (or GED score reports) and ALL college transcripts.  Yes, if you've attended five colleges, we need all five transcripts.  You may think your credit may not transfer from a particular school.  We need that transcript as well. Our policy is such that we are looking for everything.  If you attended high school or college abroad and your transcripts are in a foreign language, they will need to be translated.  WES seems to have worked best for applicants in the past.

We'll try and answer your questions below. As you could probably tell, we are in the thick of our review of applicants from high school, so it may take some time for us to get back to you.

Good luck finishing up!


Billy said...

I know this posting is for all of the fall applicants, but pertaining to spring applications, is there a maximum credit cut-off for second year spring applicants? In other words, can you have done too many semesters, say done four (post-high school graduation) semesters at a VCCS instead of three at the time of matriculation? Thanks so much!

Matt said...

Would it be beneficial to send information about an accepted summer internship to the admissions committee?

Ellie said...

I sent my college transcripts to UVA Office of Admissions about ten days ago. I received an email that my transcript was sent that same day and I have not heard anything since. Will I receive any sort of confirmation that my transcript was received?

Unknown said...

The degree program at my University did not require foreign language other than the 3 years I took in high school, so I have not taken any additional courses. Will that preclude me from consideration? Also, my AP English Literature and AP Language scores opted me out of the lower level English requirements at my current University,so I also do not have any English composition courses. I appear to have all the other general requirements as well as the requirements for Economics (my current choice). If I would be automatically ruled out due to the foreign language and English comp, then there is no reason for me to complete the process. Any feedback would be helpful.

jo said...

Are Highschool transcripts, SAT, or ACT final scores waived for students of a certain age? (28)

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Hey there. I'm currently a student a JMU and had a few questions about how the admissions office views certain parts of the our transcripts.
1. Do you all mainly look at Junior and Senior year grades of high school for transfer students?
2. For first year transfer students, since you all are only given a semester of college work to judge a student from (assuming they are not waitlisted), do you expect a higher GPA than the stated average GPA of transfer students (3.5)?

sierranicole16 said...

Is there an admissions representative whom transfer applicants may send transcripts to via email? Or can students only send transcripts through mail/ parchment? Thank you!

Transfermer said...

You can never complete too many VCCS semesters and be ineligible because you can only earn your associates degree there. Our concern is too many semesters at a four-year institution.

Sure, you can send that to us.

Nothing can be confirmed until you submit your application. Eventually, you will have a to-do list accessible to you which will show you when we’ve received your documents.

It is difficult to say one way or another. We have to look at your entire transcript, your essays, etc.
It’s usually not an all or nothing situation.

As we said in the post above, high school transcripts are required for all applicants. Check out our FAQs for information on testing -

To answer question #1, we look at the entire high school transcript. For question #2, no, we are looking for a strong A/B average like we would want to see from any applicant. But, again, high school factors into the decision.

Official E-transcripts(Parchment, etc.) can be sent to, or they can come through the mail. We don’t accept transcripts over email.

j said...

How heavily is the midterm report considered in the admission processes? What percentage of students submit the midterm report?

Unknown said...


I am a sophomore applying for third-year status. Is it alright if I submitted my recommendations only through the CommonApp? Also, my high school transcripts were sent today and I doubt they will make it to the office by March 1st. Will this be a problem?