Thursday, August 18, 2016

VCCS Guaranteed Admission to the College of Arts and Sciences

Are you a Virginia community college student looking to pursue one of our Guaranteed Admission Agreements?  Currently, we have three:  1) College of Arts and Sciences, 2) School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 3) RN to BSN program in the School of Nursing available for fall admission, not spring. You should spend the next year completing these requirements if you are on this path.  All coursework and the degree must be completed by the end of spring 2017 if you want to enroll in fall 2017.

Guaranteed admission does ask a lot of its students, but if you fulfill all of the requirements and meet all of its conditions, admission is guaranteed to the school of application, not the major.  We never guarantee admission to any major. Today, we thought we would create a sort of checklist the GAA, but you should sit down and take some time to read the agreement yourself, found here. Let's hit the highlights in this post.

-Earn an associates degree stipulated in the agreement
-Earn a 3.4 GPA or better
-Earn 54 transferable credits
-Earn at least 45 credits at the community college
-Submit a high school transcript or GED
-Submit all college transcripts from your past and present
-Earn no grade lower than a C (from any of your colleges) except in the case of English Composition where you need a B or better.
-Submit SAT, ACT or TOEFL scores (The TOEFL can be a substitute for students who have been studying in the U.S. for less than two years).
-Submit the common application
-Take the prescribed courses in Section II of the guaranteed admission agreement.
-These include english composition, foreign language, social sciences, humanities, history, math and science and a non-western perspective course.
-Yes, you have to take all of these courses. 
-Depending on your scores, you can use AP scores to earn credits towards the agreement, but you must take at least 45 credits worth of courses at the community college.
-Finally, yes, you have to take(or show AP credit for) all of these courses. 

Next time, we'll go over some cliff notes for the guaranteed admission agreement for our school of engineering.

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