Thursday, March 17, 2016

APRIL 1 Financial Aid Deadline!

Need-based financial aid (which is an option for Permanent Residents and U.S. Citizens) is just as available for transfers as it is for first-year applicants. 

This serves as your reminder for the April 1 deadline.  Student Financial Services (SFS) is very strict about this deadline. They require TWO forms in order to properly apply for aid.  Please don't fill out the FAFSA and assume you have completed the task.  We also require something called the CSS Profile.  So again, we require both the FASFA and the CSS Profile.  If you don't comply by this deadline, you may miss out on some great state and UVa aid.  For more information, please check out the SFS website at  If you have questions about aid, please contact Student Financial Services. We are a need-blind institution and thus we do not handle financial aid inquiries here in the admissions office.


Anonymous said...


My question doesn't pertain to the financial aid topic, however I was hoping to ask here so I don't have to bother anyone at the university with a phone call (which I'm sure is already ringing off the hook).
I applied to the RN-BSN program which requires one letter of recommendation submitted by March 1st. I asked two people and just learned that one of them only sent the letter in today. Is there a way to determine if the university had received my other letter? I don't want my delayed recommendation letter to be a reason to not be accepted into this program.

Thank you for your assistance!

Transfermer said...

That's very considerate of you, but you might have to call the office on this one. Please allow 7-10 days for the document to be matched up with your application.

Anonymous said...

My question pertains to the midterm grade reports. Not all of my professors submit midterm grades. Would it benefit me to send a midterm grade report with only four classes? Or does that look like I am leaving off classes my grade is not super in? I have As in the four classes I could report.

Confident said...

Good Early Morning!

School of Nursing - Are transfers accepted in as a third year as well as second year from another Virginia BSN program?

Confident said...

Two more questions:

1. My understanding is the SON allows transfers for fall semester only. Can a freshman from another Va BSN program transfer in the spring of first year to Arts and Sciences (take A&P 2 and Microbiology or Chemistry) then apply transfer to the SON fall semester as a second year?

2. Do UVa students have priority in transfers within the college over students from other colleges or are all transfers applicants reviewed without preference?

Thank you for addressing my questions.

Unknown said...


I submitted my CSS Profile a few days ago, but it says that it takes at least a week for them to process. Will I be ok as long as the submission date is before April 1st? Also, I saw a checklist of other documents that are needed like the Parent/Student Certification, W-2 forms, and a copy of the Parent's 1040. I just sent everything in a mass email to Is that ok too?

Unknown said...


As long as you sent all of the required forms (Application Certification Form, Student 1040, Student W2, Parent 1040, Parent W2) in .pdf format to that email, you should be fine! If they haven't already, they should respond to you soon to let you know that the forms have been processed.

Lauren said...

Hello! I have a quick question in regards to the credit analyzer. I am taking BIO 107, which is the equivalent to EVSC 1000T at UVA. Would this course be considered an Environmental Science course underneath the GAA? Thanks!

Transfermer said...

As you can imagine, we are working hard on transfer reading and seeing high school spring break visitors. We apologize for our recent absence.

Send what you have. If you wish, you can make a note that one professor couldn’t provide you with information.

If a student is transferring to the BSN in Nursing, he or she begins as a second-year. It is a three-year program for everyone. No, we are looking for students who want to stay in and graduate in the College of Arts and Sciences. If they transfer, that would be a loss for the College that could not be made up elsewhere. These are different applicant pools, but regardless, both processes are very competitive.

Rebecca Nguyen,
I believe this will be fine, but you can check with Student Financial Services if you still have questions.

Yes, this will count for the math/science requirement. Watch out for math courses that end in 000T. They will not specifically count towards the requirement.

Anonymous said...

I was reading over my application recently and realized that I did not mention my interruption in education. I worked 2 different jobs for about 3 years between prep school and VCCS. For some reason I was thinking that the question was referring to an interruption between high school and prep school, which there wasn't one so I left it blank and moved on. I know I can't add it to my application at this point, but do you think that would hurt my chances at all? Also, is it too late to send in midterm reports? I'm doing well in my spring semester classes and could try and send them in next week if it's not too late. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi guys,

Just sort of curious, does having financial aid to-dos on your SIS have anything to do with your admission decision? I noticed lots of people who had to-dos on their SIS profiles from previous years were accepted students. I thought financial aid was a totally separate department from admissions? :/ I'm worried lol

Unknown said...

Anyone here able to view their decisions early with that link everyone on the CC transfer 2016 thread is using? I used the link and got a rejection letter :(

Unknown said...

WHAT?! People saw them early?? Is this true Transfermer??

Transfermer said...

The question is a little misleading. But, we would hope that applicants would use their personal essay to tell us about their journey up until applying to UVa. If we are curious, we will reach out to you.

Student Financial Services is experience a bit of backlog while reviewing first-years.

Charles Lowrance,
We may be wrong, but it looks like you might be hanging out on CC, so you are seeing some reactions. I wanted to share (with everyone) that we have not completed our review, and decisions aren’t final until we say we are releasing decisions. If we were finished, we would release decisions. It’s a lot like the first-year process.

Please don’t let impending decisions distract you from your studies. If you end up being admitted or waitlisted, you are expected to keep up your grades in order to come here successfully (admitted) in the fall, or show us what you’ve got (waitlisted) when we do that review in late May and June. We do rescind offers of admission for weak grades. If you end up being denied, weak grades in Spring 2016 will make it difficult for you to be competitive should you choose to apply again in the future.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Transfermer. It's easy to get caught up on CollegeConfidential and other UVA related forums. But focusing on my school work as finals are approaching is imperative. I wonder how that student was able to see those decisions before the deadline. It boggles my mind. A part of me hopes it was all a glitch and/or fluke from PeopleSoft/SIS.

Best thing to do now is focus on school work (and your jobs, if you have any like myself) pray and hope for the best :-)

Unknown said...

Transfermer, I have a question.

I applied to UVA and submitted most everything on 2/29 (except my CSS which is submitted late due to me being unaware of what CSS even was, my fault) and I received a check mark "view decision" by 3/21 or so. I submitted my mid-year reports to UVA on 3/29 or 3/30, can't recall. Is it possible that admissions had already made a final decision on my application only 3.5 weeks in the process and if so is it possible to review my file again after seeing my good mid-semester grades??? :/

Cat5323 said...

Will decisions be released Friday since May 1st is a Sunday?

Hope4UVA said...

Yes, we are all wondering about the fact that May 1 falls on a Sunday.

Al Castro said...

What would UVA define as "weak grades" for the last semester? Any examples?

Transfermer said...

No final decisions are made until we release decisions.

Cat5323 and Hope4UVA,
We are still reading files, but when we're ready, we'll give you a heads up and let you know when decisions will be released.

Al Castro,
This is a good question. We are looking for the consistently strong grades you earned when you were admitted. It really varies from student to student. We might talk more about this after May 1.

Matt said...

About how many VCCS students apply each year? and how competitive is it compared to 4-year transfer students?

Thanks in advance.

Res said...

I've applied a couple of times. Will that affect my decision?

Transfermer said...

The numbers vary from year to year. We normally get 2400 applications and 1/3 of those apps tend to be from the VCCS. The overall admit rate is about 35% which includes in-state and out-of-state. It is slightly higher for VCCS applicants, but remember that the majority of these students are in-state residents. Each class that comes to grounds is about half VCCS and half 4-year.

Your previous applications will not affect your current decision. Your grades should be moving in a positive direction however. For example, if they went down last fall, that could be problematic. Your decision is mostly based on your performance and your preparation (aka the transfer course requirements).

Matt said...

Can we expect decisions to be released before the May 1 deadline?

Isaac said...

I got accepted!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hello, I only submitted the fafsa with my transfer application. Now that I have accepted admission, will I not receive any financial aid? It is past the dealdine now for SFS.